Photo Gallery: Protesters, supporters gather at Brazilian president’s Dallas visit

Leroy Pena of the Red Handed Warrior Society and former Eastfield College graduate confronts counter-protesters outside the Old Parkland building in Dallas on May 16. Protesters were vocal about President Bolsonaro's stance on issues such as education, LGBTQ rights and environmental welfare. Photo by Anthony Lazon/The Et Cetera


Approximately 200 protesters gathered outside the Old Parkland building in Downtown Dallas on Thursday, May 16, to protest Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s stance on environmental policy, education and LGBTQ rights.

Human rights organizations across the world have vocalized their concerns about Bolsonaro’s militant approach to his presidency, as well as the derogatory comments made by the Brazilian president about members of the LGBTQ community and indigenous peoples in Brazil.

Only hours after taking office, Bolsonaro signed an executive order transferring the regulation and creation of new indigenous reserves to the agriculture ministry, which sparked outrage among indigenous communities in the Amazon who fear deforestation will come as a result.

Bolsonaro’s administration has also made sharp cuts in funding to education, which led to massive protests in Brazil on the day of the Brazilian president’s arrival to Dallas.

The Brazilian president was set to receive an award for “Person of the Year” by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York City. The event was canceled after much outcry from human rights organizations as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio, who called Bolsonaro “a dangerous man.” The event was then moved to Dallas.

—Compiled by Anthony Lazon


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