The Et Cetera

Eastfield’s Student Media
3737 Motley Drive, Mesquite, Texas.
Room N-240
@TheEtCetera on Twitter and Facebook

The Et Cetera serves as the newspaper of record for Eastfield, and therefore the news contained in the publication should center primarily on topics of interest to the college’s students, faculty, and staff. In order to fulfill the purpose of keeping readers informed of campus news, The Et Cetera will publish at least 12 editions each academic year, as well as inform and engage online on our website and social media platforms.

Editor in Chief
Harriet Ramos
Twitter: @HarrietRamosETC

Graphics Editor
Mattheau Faught
Twitter: @TheEtCetera

Opinion Editor
Jordan Lackey
Twitter: @JordanEtc

Production Manager
Skye Seipp
Twitter: @seippetc

Student Media Manager
Sarah Sheldon

Student Publications Adviser
Elizabeth Langton

Faculty Adviser
Lori Dann

Advertising/Marketing Director

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