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The Et Cetera

graphic of a person jumping a hurdle

OPINION: Overcoming language barrier offers hope for future

MOHAMMAD NAJEEN MAHBOBYAR, Contributor May 9, 2023

In the summer of 2017, my family came to the United States, leaving everything back home in Afghanistan and starting life over from zero.  The language barrier kept us behind as we started a new life...

OPINION: Bring the mental health boogeyman to light

OPINION: Bring the mental health boogeyman to light

MOE CLARK, Contributor May 9, 2023

There I was, at the end of my rope, sitting atop Interstate 635 at Forest Lane. I contemplated everything that had brought me to this point, and in that same moment, I questioned if life was even worth...

decorative comic

OPINION: There’s still time to shine in your 30s

BREANNA HERNANDEZ, Print Layout Designer May 9, 2023

Have you ever realized on your birthday how quickly time has flown by? When I turned 18, I noticed how people on social media view people once they turn 30. They're considered old because their physical...

various social media symbols

OPINION: Social media responsibility starts with you

KRITIKA THAPA MAGAR, Contributor April 26, 2023

The way we interact with and consume information has been changed by social media. While these platforms offer advantages like immediate access to news and community, there are also serious disadvantages...

OPINION: Internships are worth applying for

OPINION: Internships are worth applying for

KAY DAVIS, Social Media Manager April 25, 2023

Last June, I received an email from Tanya Tillman with Dallas College Internships and Apprenticeships inviting me to apply for an internship.  I assumed the probability of me being selected to participate...

photo of Bijan Robinson

OPINION: It’s Bijan or bust for the Cowboys

ANDREW GOODRICH, Contributor April 19, 2023

The Dallas Cowboys not only should draft Texas running back Bijan Robinson, they have to. Following the departure of longtime Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, there is uncertainty about the future...

graphic of a tip box

OPINION: Servers deserve to make a living on wages, not tips

NAOMI RODRIGUEZ, Contributor April 11, 2023

Would you like to leave a tip today?” I’m asked as I hand the Bahama Bucks worker my card in the drive-through. I understand tipping your restaurant workers and even carhops, but drive-through workers...

comic of a depressed person.

OPINION: You can peak by following your dreams

SEAN STROUD, Contributor April 11, 2023

A problem I find myself and a lot of my peers facing today is feeling an unwarranted lack of accomplishment. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but for me it’s a sort of innate fear that no matter...

Graphic of a young man

OPINION: Autism should not be considered a disability

RORY MOORE, Photo Editor March 28, 2023

When I filled out a job application at Dallas College last year, I was asked if I had any disabilities.  Autism was one of the disabilities listed since some consider it such. Some even consider it a...

comic of a record on a tombstone

Posthumous content is ruining artists’ legacies

SEAN STROUD, Contributor March 23, 2023

“When I’m gone, please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public.” This is what Anderson Paak has inked...

graphic of various sports balls over the state of texas

OPINION: Legal sports betting pays out to everyone

CLARK MANDIGO IV, Contributor @TheEtCetera March 7, 2023

Texans hate being last, but when it comes to sports betting, we’re pretty close to it. In Texas, betting on sports is completely illegal, unlike in 36 states and Washington D.C., which all allow it.  This...

graphic of a barricaded stairway

OPINION: Culture shock challenges immigrant student success

JOSE E. RIVERA, Contributor @TheEtCetera March 7, 2023

When immigrant students are trying to adapt to a U.S. college, there are several roadblocks they face.  It isn’t easy to assimilate to a new country’s culture when you’re a teenager or young...

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