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New York: Day 1


Today was a long day of traveling, but we finally made it to New York. As sports editor of The Et Cetera, I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to cover the Eastfield Harvesters as they play for the national championship, and I’ll be giving daily updates throughout the week.
After checking our bags at DFW Airport this morning, we prepared to go through the metal detectors. I was wearing a thermal, a hoody and a waterproof jacket on and I was hoping I would have to take off all those layers. Unfortunately, me and the whole team had to take our hoodies off right there in the middle of the airport. Eventually, we all got through, and soon enough the wheels were off the ground. We were headed to New York.
A couple of the players were scared because it was their first trip on a plane. One who sat by me even switched seats to calm himself. To keep my mind off the turbulence, I read the book “Life is So Good,” a story about a man named George Dawson who learns to read at age 97. It was our Common Book at Eastfield last year.
We landed in Newark, N.J., and as we were getting our bags, the charter bus pulled up. No more mini vans. We found a Popeye’s Fried Chicken about 25 minutes away. Some of the players split a 12-piece chicken box. I had a shrimp combo with mashed potatoes and a honey butter biscuit.
We still had a two-hour drive before we made it to the hotel, so we watched the Mountain View game on the bus. The players joked about missed layups and congratulated each other’s hard work.
I’m rooming with Brock Hunter, Oscar Lewis and Andrew Maxie. We created a plan to make sure we had good meals for the rest of our vacation. We went to WalMart after the team’s first practice and spent $12 apiece on food to keep in the room. I also bought a two liter of Sprite and a pack of strawberry fruit snacks. Gotta have ‘em.
As we made our way back to the hotel, we noticed there wasn’t much in town. Since we’re not staying in New York City, there are no skyscrapers or taxi cabs, just mountains and random houses. When we got back, we made chili dogs like we had planned. There weren’t any good buns at the store, so they’re falling apart as I’m writing this. Curfew is at midnight so I’m signing off. Back to the journey and another post tomorrow.

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