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Editorial: We recommend Hillary Clinton

Illustration by Jonathan Wences
Illustration by Jonathan Wences


We recommend that the American people elect Hillary Clinton as the 45th president of the United States.

This election cycle has been especially bizarre, and while some of the more outlandish behavior from Donald Trump has left us checking for the hidden cameras, the former secretary of state is the obvious choice to clear the political toxicity in the air and move this country forward.

Trump’s resume doesn’t come close to Clinton, who has spent the past 40 years as a civil servant and held the titles of first lady, senator of New York and secretary of state.

That’s not to say we think Clinton is a perfect candidate. Clinton’s support of the Iraq war displays her tendency to fall into the elitist groupthink, and the perceived meddling of political favors and the Clinton Foundation puts her motivations in a moral gray area.

We cannot comfortably defend some of the actions she’s made over the years. But compared to her opponents, she is still the best option.

Clinton’s extensive experience only adds to her vast knowledge of foreign affairs and domestic issues, and her time as a senator has proven that she can work with members from both sides of the political spectrum.

Trump has almost single-handedly caused the Republican Party to implode with his revolting campaign promises and utter lack of a filter and substance.

His fear-fueled campaign has revealed an underbelly of America in which voters feel left out

Illustration by Jonathan Wences
Illustration by Jonathan Wences

of the current political system. However, his policies, from the Muslim ban to the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants, do little to relieve the issues that plague everyday Americans.

While many say that third party candidates are our country’s best option, the lack of political experience and knowledge among the nominees leave them grossly unfit for the job.

Green party candidate Jill Stein is only slightly more rooted in reality than Trump with her promises to push the country to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 and cut more than 700 foreign military bases in half that time. Libertarian Gary Johnson has political experience as the former governor of New Mexico, yet his incomprehensible campaign includes such highlights not knowing where or what Aleppo is.

Whether you personally like or dislike Clinton, she has a record of leadership, poise and intelligence that her opponent painfully lacks.

As a man whose winning idea for putting a stop to terrorism involves slaughtering families of suspected terrorists, Trump has no business being anywhere near things like the nuclear codes.

Clinton’s campaign policies, including comprehensive immigration reform, affordable college tuition and increased taxes on the 1 percent, are all things we support.

Clinton has a platform that Americans can build on if she reaches the Oval Office, and she stands as vastly superior when compared to a man who may very well be the worst major party candidate in our nation’s history.

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