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Editorial: Eastfield should bring food trucks to campus

Graphic by Anthony Lazon/The Et Cetera

Eastfield has doubled down on becoming the Subway conglomerate we all want it to be.

On Jan. 22, Mama DeLuca’s Pizza opened next to the Subway in the Hive. Students thundered with applause as there was finally somewhere besides Subway to eat on campus.

Granted, both Subway and Mama DeLuca’s Pizza are owned by the same company. So if you think about it, are you really going to a different place to eat?

I guess we’ll take what we can get, even if the Mama DeLuca employees are rocking their Subway gear while making our pizzas.

In all seriousness (yes, this is where we get serious now), with Eastfield’s master plan pushing along the process, it’s very clear that the college and the Dallas County Community College District have no issue with giving students more food options.

We commend the college for improvements that have been made. Mama Deluca’s does give students more options. And they did knock down that one wall (you know the one, Mike Walker). But we can still take steps to further improve.

Why wait until massive construction of a commercial plaza to give students this chance?

Food trucks are always an option.

Why wait 10 years to promote student sticky spaces?

The VIBee lounge’s VHS-playing TV was a huge hit and still hasn’t returned (The Et Cetera staff will gladly donate $10 so we can buy two of them).

Speaking of sticky spaces, have you heard about the new coffee shop possibly opening at the intersection of the G, L and F buildings?

While the specific vendor is still up in the air, the coffee shop would take over some space in the library and likely open in the fall 2019 semester.

The library’s rule of not allowing food changed several years ago to encourage more students to visit.

The strategy has paid off so well that a phase two of some kind of crazy, library-focused master plan is being pulled off.

Once again, Eastfield knows that if you want students to attend an event or visit some area on campus, just have food present.

And if administration desperately wants the Subway empire to expand as much as we think they do, it would only make sense for the mystery coffee shop to be a Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Why? Because Seattle’s Best Coffee has partnered with Subway locations since 2009.

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