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Rise of hate highlights need for Second Amendment

Rise of hate highlights need for Second Amendment

With many Americans fearing a rise in racism and fascism, the importance of the Second Amendment is more apparent than ever.

Some have equated the levels of racism, xenophobia and homophobia in today’s American society to that of Nazi Germany.

Racist groups and hate groups are already causing damage to property as well as injuring, and sometimes killing, innocent people.

If Americans have a Constitutional right that provides law-abiding citizens with a means to protect themselves against these hate crimes, should they not use it?

Americans are blessed with the Second Amendment, which is often taken for granted or protested.

The Founding Fathers gave Americans the right to own firearms for both the protection of themselves and their families.

Americans should exercise this important right as a means of safety, especially today with the perceived increase in fascism.

The Second Amendment gives “The People” the right to own and carry firearms. Those who are in racist groups with the intent to kill will always find a weapon to do it with.

Were the government to disarm citizens by taking away Second Amendment rights, how could innocent people defend themselves against those who get firearms regardless of the law?

While police are important to our country, their job is to catch criminals after the fact rather than be everywhere at once.

Because of hate groups that have formed who are aiming to oppress specific groups of people through violence, it only makes sense that Americans have a legal way to protect themselves, their families and their property.

Using firearms, Americans can stop Nazi-like crimes such as tyranny, genocide and oppression early. For example, if the KKK were to begin killing a group of African-Americans, armed African-American citizens could protect themselves with firearms.

If Neo-Nazis begin killing Jews or members of the LGBT community, these people could use their Second Amendment right to defend themselves.

Presuming that we, as Americans, want to protect ourselves, those we love and our property, we should be clinging to our Second Amendment rights.

We should protect the right to defend ourselves from those who try to harm us.

­— Melody Cornish is a guest columnist and an undecided major.

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  • J

    JerrySep 6, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Right. I especially appreciate that you refer exclusively to using firearms defensively, and only for extreme circumstances.