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Review: Snoopy loses his groove in new 'Peanuts'

Review: Snoopy loses his groove in new 'Peanuts'
Charlie Brown’s new popularity angers Lucy in “The Peanuts Movie.” PHOTO COURTESY TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP.
By David A. Silvastars

Charlie Brown and the gang get a 21st century makeover and new set of adventures in “The Peanuts Movie,” in theaters now.
The plot revolves around Charlie Brown as he finds himself smitten by the little red headed girl who just moved in across the street and ends up in crazy situations as he attempts to impress her. Along the way, Snoopy journeys through his imagination as he pursues the Red Baron.
“The Peanuts Movie’s” best asset is the voice-over performances. Every character is crafted perfectly in accordance to the beloved comic strips and voiced similarly to their other feature length specials. Also, the drawing style and 3-D add to the warmth of the movie instead of taking anything away from it or creating an oversized theme to such a simplistic world.
The story’s plot and subplots also honor the original strip. From Lucy’s psychiatry booth to Charlie Brown’s kite problems to each character’s dance moves, “Peanuts” purists will soak up the constant tips of the hat to original creator Charles M. Schulz.
However, the movie’s sound track may strike a nerve with fans of the originals. The filmmakers acquired access to many of the classic Charlie Brown tunes, but have also added songs by the likes of Meghan Trainor and Flo Rida. This inconsistency in the sound track may leave audiences wondering if the film’s intent is to stay true or modernize a classic.
Furthermore, the film fails to target those that are new to the world of Charlie Brown. “The Peanuts Movie” strictly revolves around pleasing those who are lifelong fans of the comic but makes for a predictable kids movie for the majority of individuals not consumed by nostalgia.
Younger audiences around the 6-or-7 year-old age group may enjoy the film due to its constant slapstick comedy. And with squeaky-clean content, parents should have no worries when choosing a film for the kids to enjoy.
“The Peanuts Movie” is faithful to its source material for the most part. Unfortunately this commitment ultimately keeps the movie away from any original plot points and walls it off from any new fans outside of the younger age group.

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