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Para Mi Gente: Lesser-known Latinx Musicians You Can Support

Illustration by Juan Jaramillo


Pop culture is always being influenced by music, but rarely do I see multiple Latinx artists in the Billboard Hot 100 unless it is specific to “Latin Pop” or “Reggaeton.”

As a Latina myself, I wanted to diversify my music taste and aim to listen to more Latinx artists, specifically those I would not be able to find in the top charts. As I began this journey I tried looking for lists like this one, but most of the artists mentioned had millions of listeners already. So here is a list of actual small Latinx artists you can support.

If you are looking for an easy-going ballad:

Josue Alaniz

My Favorite Song:

“Amarte a la Mitad”

Latest Album:

“Malos Y Buenos Recuerdos”

Josue Alaniz has good mellow love songs for everyone. His newest album is filled with acoustic melodies, but he always finds a way to surprise you with a soft R&B beat you did not know you wanted. Content warning: You will swoon.

If you are looking to explore the unknown:

Lido Pimienta

My Favorite Song:


Latest Album:

“Miss Colombia”

This Afro-indigenous Colombian artist truly uses all of her cultural backgrounds to her advantage here. Lido Pimienta’s music is a multi-layered masterpiece unlike anything you have ever heard. Her newest album is just as innovative and bold as she is. You can truly hear how she lets each culture shine individually, but when it all comes together, it is a harmonic powerhouse.

If you are trying to have a dance party for one:


My Favorite Song:

“Burkina Faso”

Latest Album:

“Amor Libre”

Esteman is one of the more popular artists on this list, and rightfully so. His newest album is filled with catchy hooks that will motivate any couch potato to jump out of their seat. Listening to this album is a one-way ticket to the grooviest emotional roller coaster you’ve ever been on. But don’t worry; there are enough slow songs for a water break.

If you want a modern, empowering take on hip-hop:

La Doña

My Favorite Song:

“Cuando Se Van”

Latest Album:

“Algo Nuevo”

La Doña’s beats have a Caribbean heartbeat and a boisterous Chicana voice. Listen to this album once and you’ll instantly be taken over by the warm sounds of the trumpet, and before you know it her effortless bars have taken over your body. La Doñauses this album to shamelessly explore her femininity as a Latina. She gives a voice to those who have never had the chance to express themselves in this light.

If you’re looking for a more alternative sound:

Rayos Laser

My Favorite Song:

“Ya Me Hiciste Mal”

Latest Album:

“Un Regalo Tuyo”

Rayos Laser has a softer take on the alternative genre. The Argentinian group has a good balance of laid-back bittersweet sounds and heavy guitar melodies that can satisfy any mood you’re in. “Un Regalo Tuyo” was released two years ago, but their latest singles tease an album filled with head bop potential.

If you’re looking to support a local artist:

Santiago Holder

My Favorite Song:


Latest Release:

“Mess Me Up”

Whether you want an acoustic ballad to daydream to or a tune for your midnight cruise, Santiago Holder has got you covered. The Dallas native has grown a lot since the release of his debut “EP Home.” Holder has taken the time to expand his craft as both a producer and songwriter. Every new release is like a surprise.

If you’re looking for a soulful take on acoustic guitar:

Silvana Estrada

My Favorite Song:

“Para Siempre”

Latest Album:

“Lo Sagrado”

Silvana Estrada’s latest album is what passion sounds like. Estrada’s soulful Veracruzana vocals will paint landscapes you long to be in. Estrada rhythmically tells stories of the passion, pain, and strain that come with life. Her lyrics have purpose, and if you will not listen the flirty strings will lure you in. Every song is a form of self-exploration and will give you the chance to effortlessly dig deep into your roots.

If you’re looking for a sunset daze:


My Favorite Song:

“Efecto Mariposa”

Latest Release:

“Quiero Cambiar”

Carrot’s synth-alternative sound is the embodiment of a daydream. This Salvadoran band is a kaleidoscope of catchy bass lines and nostalgic synths. One can easily be taken away by the band’s eclectic sound and not even realize the creative lyricism they have left behind. This band has a lot to offer. Just press play and take in the fantasy.

If you want to find the next big name in R&B before everyone else:

Maria Isabel

My Favorite Song:

“Where Does The Love Go?”

Latest Release:


Maria Isabel vocals are a perfect blend of gentle and soulful. She has only released a few songs, but her musicality is that of a veteran. Her sound is sleek and dreamy, but her lyrics are grounded in reality; she knows how to transform her life experiences into sweet melodies. Maria Isabel knows what she’s doing. Time is only going to prove her talent to others.
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