Campus life reignites passion for learning

        Illustration by Anthony Lazon/The ETCetera


Having done the college life once before, I was dreading returning to school after a seven-year hiatus. 

Walking into Eastfield on Aug. 26 was an unexpected experience that brought me a new hope to make something of myself. 

The day started off with so much excitement with my first class. 

My digital media professor, Sandra Evans, told us about her life adventures and how much she enjoyed working with advertising. 

She ended the class asking if anyone was interested in the school paper.

I was able to think about what I wanted to do and how active I wanted to be at Eastfield. 

By the end of the day she even had applications for us to sign up.

A few days later, Eastfield held an involvement fair to introduce students to all the clubs and organizations they have, from the Science Club to the Plant-Based Nutrition Club. 

I got to see how much time the faculty and staff put into getting students involved, not only in school but in the activities that make each person put their best foot forward. 

Just walking around and seeing how Eastfield students act around each other and around the staff made me see how much better college life is here.

My first college experience wasn’t anything like this. Coming from a small town and attending Dona Anna Community College in New Mexico was not the best college experience for anyone to have. 

The school was still going through a growth process and had no activities or clubs. 

Feeling uninvolved and a bit discouraged about the whole college life, I chose to drop out in 2013 and invest in my job full-time.

I soon became a manager of a restaurant, and I thought it was worth investing my life into. 

Until I got married. My husband graduated from the University of New Mexico in December of 2018 and his job brought us to Texas. My husband told me that it was my turn to get a degree and do something I was interested in. 

Going to another community college, I was expecting it to be a chore to earn my degree. 

Thankfully, Eastfield is so much more than just another college, and it has brought excitement back into my life. 

My dream is to be a video game developer, and I know Eastfield is going to give me everything I need to succeed. 

My advice to students is to be active and take advantage of all that you can learn at Eastfield. 

There are so many opportunities here. If you take advantage of them, doors will open for you. 

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