Letter to the Editor: Jesus exists in hearts of believers, regardless of political affiliation

I disagree with the generalization, “Jesus does not exist in the Republican Party, nor will he ever,” (“Conservatism and Christianity don’t mesh,” Sept. 6). Because Jesus is in the hearts of any who have received him (see John 1:12), no matter what party they belong to.

Also Jesus didn’t “damn the rich” and didn’t just “feed the poor.” If you read the New Testament, he tells a rich person “to sell all he has and give it to the poor,” but the rich person goes away.

Later, Jesus feeds 5,000 and then 4,000, but he doesn’t separate the rich from the poor. They were all in a desert place and had the same need; he fed them all. Where is the scripture that supports your statement that “Jesus fed the poor”?

If, as you say, “many Evangelicals use hate to separate themselves from those who differ from them,” then I believe they need to be disciplined because they’re not followers of Christ.

I disagree with your statement on p. 13, col. 2, second paragraph: “Follower(s) of Christ are not only commanded to love their neighbors despite their differences, they are told to love those very differences as well.”

Where do the scriptures say that? All I see is two commandments (from Matthew 22:37-40). There is nothing in here that speaks about “loving their differences.” What scripture did you get that from? And, if not from the scriptures, then don’t tout it as being true.

P. W. Conant


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