College is a stepping stone: take seriously, come prepared

Jonathan Wences

Jonathan WencesThe majority of college students are adults — that’s common knowledge. What fewer people seem to realize is that as adults, we must be responsible for our actions. However, far too many students are caught up in what is often their first taste of true independence to focus on the academic aspects of college life.
Some, as you’ve surely seen, can’t even be bothered to prepare themselves for class with the most basic supplies.
We’ve all been there — we run out of scantrons before an important test or forget to pack some extra notebook paper for a lecture-heavy class. We ask to borrow something from a classmate, but it’s no big deal.
Things happen, and most people understand.
But many students don’t even try to come prepared. They ask for a pen or pencil in every class, or bring nothing with them but their phone.
They don’t make an effort to buy or even borrow a textbook. They rely solely on the generosity of their classmates to get by in the classroom and often suffer academically because of it.
This is an institution of higher learning. We are all here to improve our futures, whether by gaining valuable experience in our chosen fields or by working toward a degree.
How can some students ever hope to improve themselves if they aren’t even willing to bring the most basic school supplies? How would they cope in a working environment?
A student’s level of personal responsibility, work ethic and independence are all crucial factors in the working world. They can determine whether or not he or she is hired or able to keep a job.
This is especially true in the modern American job market, where competition is fierce.
Just ask yourself: If you can’t even be bothered to come to an hour-long class with a writing utensil, how can you expect to survive an eight-hour workday?
If you aren’t willing to prepare yourself with the most basic of tools, how can you ever hope to earn a degree?