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Students beware: Piggy-back ride at your own risk

By Keturah Jones, Reporter

The concept of piggy-back rides never made much sense to me. It seemed lazy for a person to jump on my back and rely on my strength and hard work to carry them where they wanted to go.
Why couldn’t they stand on their own two feet and walk like everyone else?
There are people who live by piggy-backing off others. They like to watch others do the hard work, then piggy-back on their success.
Those types of piggy-back rides are no fun for the person who is doing all the work. There is nothing more frustrating than working hard on something only to have someone else take credit for your work.
I remember doing a class project once where I did all the work and the rest of the group members just signed their names. I got an A for my work, and they got an A just for signing their name.
It seemed wrong and unfair. I was frustrated because I did all the work, but also because I let it happen. I wanted to be like the little piggy who cried “wee, wee, wee” all the way home.
Throughout life, you may encounter someone who likes to piggy-back. They lack responsibility and accountability for their actions and tend to rely on others. They are capable of doing the work, but are too lazy or perfectly comfortable with someone else carrying the load.
You can always confront them and try to resolve the problem. However, if that doesn’t get them off your back, get the courage to fight back. Make others responsible for their own weight.
Never let anyone piggy-back on your success. Make them be accountable for their actions.
I warn the person looking to jump on this piggy’s back: Jump at your own risk, because this piggy’s back has been oiled.

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