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Online dating has serious drawbacks


Single men and women everywhere regularly browse online dating sites in search of companionship.
So it’s no wonder why advertisers stay in the business of selling love.
Commercials showing men and women holding hands, hugging and smiling constantly pop up on the Internet. “Find love at last,” or “We’ve got the right match for you,” they say.
I was sold, and thought I would try it. Why not? I’m single, and the websites are supposed to be 100 percent trusted, free and safe.
I chose a very popular dating site and created my profile. I filled out a questionnaire asking me if I was single, divorced, widowed or married. I answered lots of questions.  This was like a background check. I uploaded a few decent pictures and received many messages. But when I tried to open my messages, I was asked to pay a monthly fee.
What happened to “free?”
I didn’t want to pay, so I didn’t. A few months passed, and I decided on a different, more popular site on my friends’ recommendations.
This site actually was free with no hidden fees. I created a profile and answered the same questions. I received messages within 24 hours. I chatted, browsed photos and networked.  I connected with a few potential dates whose profiles and conversation interested me.
I met a man at a trendy restaurant for our first date, but all he talked about were his financial issues, baby mama drama and seven kids.
His profile said he had two kids. I guess he forgot about the other five? Delete.
I continued to chat and meet people. I met a gentleman I will call “Mr. X.” After corresponding with him for about a month, I decided to take up his offer and meet him for dinner. It was wonderful.
He called to make sure I was got home okay. We talked and texted during the day and said goodnight every night. A week passed as our conflicting schedules prevented us from having another date.
Then I received a text message from an unfamiliar phone number. The message read, “Do you know my husband?”
I responded, “You have the wrong number, I don’t know this person.”
“Yes, you know him,” the text said. “He goes by a different name. The two of you met on a single’s site. I’m his wife.”
I was shocked. After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I apologized. I guess this is why Mr. X was so busy.
I never heard from him again. I reported the incident to the site. His profile stayed up, but I decided to delete mine.
Online dating just wasn’t for me.

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