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Girls are growing up too fast today

By Anjulie Van Sickle

Innocence is something that is to be cherished and protected. However, in today’s society, young girls lose their innocence faster and faster.
I see 9-year-old girls on their iPhones, wearing mini skirts, make-up and high-heeled boots. Little girls who are not old enough to even think about making an impression on people are walking around looking like made-up Barbie dolls.
Sometimes children don’t have strong family foundations, so they automatically look up to something that is ever-present: T.V. Shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Pretty Little Liars” set a certain standard that girls feel they must live up to.
Music and television shows that promote immoral behavior, from premarital sex to something as simple as gossip, are too “mature” for such young eyes and ears.
However, these are the character traits of some of the people they look up to. These role models include people like Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj.
The media puts out the wrong image of what young children, girls in particular, should be like.
Television shows and movies imply that girls are supposed to be “sexy” by the time they are 12.
When I walk around the mall, I see girls who look like they’re supposed to be 18, but they’re really only or 12.
Young girls idolize things they shouldn’t. They are pressured into feeling that they have to have a boyfriend to feel they are of worth.
They believe they have to wear makeup to feel pretty. They believe they have to watch certain movies and television shows to be “cool.”
Some people claim we must “protect the innocence” of the young. But who follows through with these actions?
The media shouldn’t put so much pressure on young girls because youth is precious, and once lost, it cannot be regained.

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