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Twitter is more than a 140-character message

By Sidney Murillo

Twitter really is a lovely concept when you think about it. You just have to really filter yourself and shed the excess word fat from your ideas — if you have any ideas worth sharing.
Not every tweet is Bartlett’s worthy. Some are rants about politics, emotional Drake lyrics and spam. Those we can all do without.
Twitter was created to network and connect with people without having to deal with topics that don’t interest you. It’s easy, and it’s really self-running.
Hashtags — symbolized by the # sign — are the root word of the subject addressed. You can type a word or phrase in the search engine and find virtually any subject. But some tweeters are having a hard time adopting this concept.
Believe it or not, there is a right way to tweet. #Andmakingupahashtagtogetyourpointacross-isnottherightwaytogo.
It seems like everyone is creating his or her own “brand” or persona online these days. But only a handful of them are actually succeeding.
What does it take to have a successful brand? And how do you know you are there?
We can’t all be Kim Kardashians and Lady Gagas, with millions of followers. But we can tweet responsibly and condense our messages to 140 characters.
For example, a Twitter author named Teju Cole created “Simple Tweets of Fate” by taking headlines from Nigerian newspapers and condensing the main idea into a tweet, 140-character fashion.
Here’s a sample: “Not far from the Surulere workshop where spray-painter Alawiye worked, a policeman fired into the air. Gravity did the rest.”
He adds the perfect amount of wit and satire in his tweets, but he doesn’t fail to consider the serious tone of the surrounding culture. He uses Twitter to his advantage and creates his brand.
To older generations, Twitter, Instagram and other social media tools seem to be just phases, trends and fads. They call us the generation of the 10-second attention span. Actually, its pretty surprising that you’ve read this far into the column.
However, the important thing is what we do with those 10 seconds.
I had a rough run with Twitter. It was difficult to get on board with it at first. I deleted my account twice before nesting in with Twitter.
I was like most Twitter users – tweeting about the weather and celebrity gossip. Networking is what brought me in, but then I started following a blog called “Hello Giggles” that was co-founded by Zooey Deschanel, and I began following some of the bloggers on Twitter.
On this blog, I met other people kind of like me. I started finding my voice beyond sad and sappy song lyrics. Soon, others were following me too.
“I like to look at people funny who like to look at people funny.” That’s one of mine.
So yeah, follow me on Twitter @BittahBandit. And hey, if you are an OK tweeter, then I might follow you back.

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