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I’m so terribly sick of hearing about politics

By Anjulie Van Sickle

The elections are finally over, and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.
Before last week, every news channel, every radio station and every person was abuzz with the latest political news.
Even though the elections are over — really, guys, they’re over — people are still going on and on about conspiracies and ranting about how they don’t like the Electoral College.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no big fan of how the votes are counted, but there comes a point when we have to get on with our lives.
Some had cause to celebrate and some had cause to mourn when the final votes were tallied.
However, some of those watching took it a bit too far.
While at the Republican watch party in Dallas on election night, I watched as virtually everyone ingested vast amounts of alcohol. I’m not just talking about a glass or two of champagne, but the heavy stuff.
Alcohol was in abundance before and after the results were announced.
My stomach churned and my head ached as the smell of alcohol filled the air in the ballroom at the Hilton Lincoln Center. It was completely inescapable.
As the results came in, the reason behind the drinking went in a negative direction for Republican supporters.
As it slowly sank in that their candidate wouldn’t win, they drank more and more.
Again, I get it. We all need our own time of grieving — even I needed a period of time to get over my depression — but does it have to involve getting drunk?
People need to get on with their lives and start thinking about how we, as individuals, can start helping the country, not just sitting there and complaining about it.

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