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Q&A: Walker reflects on success and support

Freshman Brenly Walker has been a key component of the Eastfield Volleyball team’s historical improvement this year, having 230 kills for 273.5 points, 3.38 kills per set, 4.0 points per set, 557 attacks and 22 blocks. She has helped the Harvester Bees maintain an undefeated record and the best start for the team in Eastfield Volleyball history, which kicked them off with the top rank in the nation.

Walker sat down with Et Cetera photo editor Rory Moore to discuss her relationship with her teammates, coaches and how she ventured into volleyball.

Q. How would you describe this season?

A. It kind of feels good, knowing that we’re making history. With the season last year, it’s kind of refreshing because we’ve worked so hard for it, so it’s like a reward.

Q. How would you reflect on your performance personally throughout the season?

A. I think it’s been up and down, but the team has been there to pick me up. I think I’ve been doing good.

Q. How has the team picked you up?

A. Just being positive, having positive feedback and being supportive.

Q. Are there any specific teammates who you feel you work best with in general?

A. I think I feel more comfortable with Ava Cole in the background. She makes it really easy to just play and not worry. She’s very supportive and just a good teammate on the court.

Q. What do you do to maintain a good performance throughout all of your games?

A. I think confidence is key. Just having a good mindset.

Q. How would you describe your relationship with Coach Nickel and everyone else on the coaching staff?

A. For Coach Nickel, he kind of took a father role for all of us since our parents aren’t up here with us. We can really talk to him about anything. He’s there to listen to us, even if it’s not about Volleyball. Coach Lexus is kind of like a friend. She’s very supportive. And then Coach Fletcher, he’s just there to have a laugh.

Q. You played some tough teams recently, especially in the conference matches. How do those games prepare you for the district tournament and the nationals if you make it?

A. I think it kind of showed us these teams are good too and you just have to work harder to beat those good teams. I think playing teams like this in conference is going to help us play better in nationals.

Q. Which team would you say was the most difficult to play?
A. Brookhaven and Richland.

Q. When did you start volleyball?

A. When I got into high school, I was a freshman on varsity and it just kind of started the love for Volleyball. So, I joined select Volleyball out of high school. And then just watching volleyball made me want to be good at it.

Q. Are there any athletes who inspired you?

A. Not really. I don’t watch much volleyball outside of doing it because I do it all the time. But I think if anything, my teammates inspire me because I want to play at their level and I never want to play down.

Q. Is there anyone personally who you would credit for helping you pave your way into volleyball?

A. My mom. She definitely pushed me to come and play college volleyball. She has always been to all my games. She’s never missed a game and she’s always been there to push and help me with the sport.

Q. What are your plans for after you graduate?

A. I either plan to transfer and play more volleyball, or I will go to a specialist school to be an ultrasound technician.

Q. Why do you want to be an ultrasound technician?

A. I like babies. I think being that other person helping someone through a very emotional and happy time in their life will make a big impact and I want to do that for somebody.

Q. How do you balance your academics with your commitment to Volleyball?

A. I try to finish a lot of my work in class or when I’m in school so when I come home, I don’t have that much to do. A lot of my classwork is done here when I’m in class because I have 8 A.M. classes. I get at least an hour of free time in one of those classes, so I take that time to finish everything and get it all done.

Q. What do you like to do in your free time outside of volleyball and academics?

A. Definitely hanging out with my friends or giving myself personal time to just chill, because we’re always doing something. The one day we get free time, I usually just take it for myself. There’s not really a lot of time for hobbies right now.

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