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Gun proposals will not protect Americans

By David Karczewski

Due to recent tragedies such as the Sandy Hook school shooting and Jared Loughner’s assassination attempt on Arizona Sen. Gabrielle Gifford, our government is attempting to implement new restrictions on the purchase of guns.
These new laws include universal background checks for anyone wanting to buy a gun. People who own gun shops and sell independently will also have to undergo a background check in order to buy and sell weapons.
Other laws under consideration include the use of smaller ammo clips and a requirement for gun owners to register their weapons. Previously, it was only required for the individual to pass a background check and register their name into the database. If these new laws are passed, the gun owner and their weapon would be added into the system.
I do believe universal background checks would benefit society. This would give us a better idea of who is buying and selling these weapons to make sure they do not end up in the wrong hands.
However, I’m against registering weapons.  Knowing who has a gun isn’t going to prevent that person from using it.
I am also against the change from a high-capacity magazine to a single shot or lower-ammunition clip. If someone knows how to properly use a weapon, it does not matter how much ammunition it can hold. Lives can still be lost if a gun is put in the wrong hands.
I think putting more government restrictions on our choices as American citizens will destroy our rights.
I also think it will only waste dollars that we do not have.
Furthermore, it will be nearly impossible to keep track of everyone who owns a weapon.
We should create laws that make sense, rather than waste taxpayer dollars on strategies that do nothing but create a false sense of security for the American people.

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