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Kids are making decisions too quickly today

By Taylor Wallace

Be silly. Make reasonable mistakes. Fall in love. Just take a moment to breathe.
These are the things young adults need to start considering as relevant priorities in their youth. These experiences shape the rest of our lives, molding us into who we are now and who we will become.
Students are taught at a very young age that they have to decide this very minute what they want to do with their lives. Many expectations are already set out about which college they should attend and which parent’s footsteps to follow.
Kids are expected to set out a whole life plan and work towards it. This is done without getting to experience even one-fourth of what is out in the world. Students break their necks trying to achieve what they believe is their own personal path to success without giving a sideways glance to the other opportunities they were never able to consider.
What is the rush?
These goals should not be made as split-second decisions, where we wake up one day and are required to have a clue as to what we want to do 10 years from now. Kids should be allowed the time to personally reflect on what they want from life.
It should not be a short process, either. The only way to do this is to find out exactly what the world has to offer.
Deciding as a child that you want to be a neurosurgeon and working toward nothing but that end goal is not realistic. You’ll get stuck in a job you hate because you never even weighed your other options. These things are complicated to comprehend at the age of 20, let alone as a first-grader.
So yes, design a plan that helps you reach your goals. Think it through. Decide what success means to you and work for it. Stay on your path.
Just remember, the end goal is to be happy with the life you choose, and you are only able to do that when you have seen more of what the world has to offer.

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