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Limited parking does not excuse reckless driving


Jonathan WencesWith parking lots as crowded as Eastfield’s, one would think drivers would be more mindful of their surroundings when entering and exiting their parking spots.
However, recent events are showing this is often not the case.
There have been 13 reported hit-and-run incidents on the main campus since January 2012, and surveillance cameras have captured drivers moving at speeds up to 45 mph in the parking lots.
This is especially problematic because the actual speed limit is 10 mph inside the parking lots and 20 mph on the streets surrounding the campus.
There have also been a number of minor traffic accidents on college property within these past few months.
This lack of attention to safety is simply unacceptable.
Campus police say some offenders are rushing in to snag a coveted parking spot amidst the daily rush of vehicles.
Others are rushing out to return home as quickly as possible.
Too many people are disobeying the speed limit and running through stop signs.
Another common problem is drivers’ failure to yield the right of way. Too many preventable accidents are being caused by this violation of one of the most basic rules of driving safety, and there is absolutely no excuse for it.
Drivers should be focusing their attention on their surroundings, rather than their cell phones. This problem is not limited to the Eastfield campus, but is so common and easily preventable that it is still worth mentioning.
Many accidents could be avoided by just putting your phone aside until you are stopped and off the road.
We get it.
Space is limited, and we all want to arrive in time for our classes. And once classes are finished, everyone wants to get back home as quickly as they can.
But this does not excuse such reckless behavior.
Drivers should always use common sense and stay safe when they’re behind the wheel.
Don’t become the latest statistic on campus police logs.
Would you really want to make such a costly mistake by becoming responsible for someone else’s repairs?

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