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A drive-thru food pantry line through the North Texas Food Bank will be at the Eastfield College main campus tomorrow from 9 a.m.-noon in Parking Lot 3. Members of the National Guard will be there directing traffic and people getting food must be in a vehicle. If you are planning on getting food, you must stay in your car the whole time. Members of the National Guard will ask you to open your trunk and they will load boxes of food in your car. Signs and cones will be put up to help direct traffic. Members of the National Guard will also be wearing PPE when working. The set time is from 9 a.m.-noon, but the food bank will operate until there is no more food left. The time could be extended by one hour if food is still available or end early if they run out. The North Texas Food Bank is planning on having enough food to serve 300-500 households. The photo was taken by Photo Editor Baylie Tucker on April 14 at the University of North Texas in Dallas.

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