News Briefs

Eastfield receives workforce grant

IntegraColor Ltd. of Mesquite is collaborating with Eastfield in order to provide job training with a $172,038 grant from the Texas Workforce Commission.
The grant will provide 107 new and current workers with computer technology training. Those trained will include client managers, sales agents, Mac operators and fulfillment personnel.
Workforce commissioner Ronny Congleton presented a check to President Dr. Jean Conway at a Sept. 24 ceremony.

‘Yes Means Yes’ law passes in California

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the “Yes Means Yes” law, which requires affirmative consent between university students who engage in sex.
Instead of questioning whether a victim said “no,” investigators will consider whether both parties said “yes.” Silence or lack of resistance would not imply consent, and intoxication could not be used as an acceptable defense.