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Math Spot offers help for students

The Math Spot was founded eight years ago because math and developmental math students demanded more tutoring time. Students expressed the need to visit with their instructor, but they could not meet during their office hours.
Students also pointed out that the LAC (Learning Assistance Center) was always full and they had to wait for the longest time to get help. The Math Spot helped lots of you by coordinating with the LAC to have students come to the Spot when the LAC was full. Things seemed to work well, but students were still not satisfied.
It is my understanding that the EFC administration wanted to find a solution to this recurring problem. EFC wants students to succeed, and we are determined to make the necessary changes to achieve our mission and goals.
Therefore, it was determined to split the LAC into academic centers to satisfy students’ Math, Sciences and Languages needs under one roof.
Students now know that if they go to the Math Spot, there will be several experts in the area to help. Some of these experts are also students that have gone through the EFC math curriculum, students who know how the material is taught and what their professors expect for them to know. You can also find your teachers at the Math Spot.
Yes, your professors volunteer their time to be more available to you and to anyone else that visits the center.
How awesome is that?
The truth is, the Math Spot is here to serve students and help them succeed. Our hope is to change students’ attitudes towards math.
Do not let the name fool you, The Math Spot also offers accounting and economics tutoring as well.
We serve them all!
Even our dual credit high school students come in for help in their geometry and probability courses.
Yes, we have confronted some challenges, but all change comes with ups and downs. We know we need a bigger space, and the truth is that EFC is at maximum capacity. All the rooms available are used all the time.
We know students would like to come in and get immediate help from a tutor, but we have budget constraints. Don’t you stand for hours in a line at Six Flags because you want to ride a rollercoaster that lasts only a minute? So why can’t you wait a minute or two to improve your education that will last for a lifetime?
The Math Spot offers much more than tutoring, such as workshops to improve your study habits.
We have information available that will help you plan your time and be realistic about how many courses you can carry in one semester, especially if you are working, studying and taking care of a family.
Information regarding learning styles is also available. It explains why it takes you longer to understand a concept when your classmate understood the same concept in “one second.”
We all are different, and we all learn differently.
We also have final exam reviews every semester, which are put together by Math Department faculty and Math Spot tutors. We are working with your professors to help you succeed, so please attend these free sessions that will assist you tremendously!
Remember to stop by C-201 and visit The Math Spot. We can help!

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