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Domestic terrorists take aim at federal government

Billy Dennis

Since when did it become patriotic to support treason? Oh yeah, since we elected a black, Democratic president.
The far-right conservative hero, Cliven Bundy, has been stealing from the federal government for over 20 years, racking up a debt of $1 million for not paying his grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management. The Nevada rancher said he doesn’t recognize the existence of the U.S. government, so he owes no one.
The scofflaw Bundy has enlisted the help of several militia groups, including the Oath Keepers, White Mountain and the Praetorian Guard.
Militia in this context is just another word for domestic terrorist. With more than 1,000 men under his command, Bundy is actively threatening the U.S. with violence unless it abandons all federal land in Nevada.
If Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh were alive, he’d be right by Bundy’s side.
Bundy’s thugs have not only rallied to his defense at his ranch, but have gone so far as to have snipers take aim at federal agents, block U.S. highways and set up check-points stopping passersby. The actions of Bundy and his right-wing confederates must be dealt with promptly and harshly.
These types of activities are in clear violation of 18 U.S. Code 2383 — Rebellion or insurrection, which states he is to be arrested, fined and imprisoned for not more than 10 years.
I have often used hyperbole to make my point in the past, but let me state this unequivocally: Bundy and his jackbooted thugs should be confronted and arrested. If there is an armed confrontation, so be it. It’s time we take down this free-grazer.
Despite early support from many mainstream Republicans, including our own U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, many are now retracting their support for Bundy after his recent comments on race.
During a conference with supporters, he spoke about the abuse of welfare in the black community.
“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. “They abort their children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves … or are they better off under government subsidy?”
Yes, the confederate rebel who doesn’t recognize the U.S. government also hates black people. Hmmm, where have I seen this before?
The irony of Bundy decrying black people being afforded a government subsidy while he has been mooching off the government for 20 years appears to be lost on him.
As horrible as his racist comments are, no U.S. senator should throw his lot in with armed men wielding assault weapons at federal agents.
The Bureau of Land Management  is perfectly within its rights to seize his cattle in order to sell it off and pay down his debt.
This just falls in line with the conservative notion that rebellion is needed to take back their country from those evil, leftist, socialist democrats. If President Obama is Karl Marx, then I am Vladimir Lenin. Despite what some say, Obama has governed as a centrist and is not in any sense socialist. Hell, Obamacare is a big giveaway to private insurance companies. That’s hardly a socialist move.
Right-wing conservatives and their militant cousins say they love their country, but are eager to take up arms against her. They act as if they are the only people willing to fight for what they believe in.
It’s high time we eliminate this growing fringe movement before it’s too late.

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