EDITORIAL: Texas Republicans tread on personal freedoms


The party of small government keeps biting off more than it should chew.

Despite proclaiming that they support little government interference in everyday lives, Texas Republicans instead use their power to disenfranchise Texans rather than focus on real issues such as poverty, healthcare and the state’s abysmal gun control laws — or lack thereof.

Senate Bill 1029 would prevent insurance providers and health care officials from prescribing hormone replacement therapy for transgender Texans, limiting their right to pursue health care.

SB-12 would ban drag queen performances in the name of protecting children, equating men wearing makeup with sexual conduct. 

House Bill 2390 would remove polling places on college campuses due to “safety concerns,” but allowing guns is fine.

Unsurprisingly, the Republican Party is once again showing its true colors. Personal freedoms are under attack, plain and simple, and Texas can’t afford to sit idly. 

Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before state Republicans remove Texans’ voices. The state is already ousting Houston Independent School District officials elected by citizens.

Despite these attacks, the majority of Texans are still keen on voting for the party boasts about small government and lack of overreach while insisting that everyone fit their idea of “conservative values.”

The truth is that these moves are impeding personal freedoms. “Protecting citizens” isn’t denying transgender individuals their right to exist. “Deregulation” isn’t empowering corporations to let their customers freeze. “Small government” isn’t shutting down polling places.

What’s happening in Republican strongholds such as Florida and Tennessee has also been taking shape in our state. The takeover of Houston ISD is more than enough to prove our progressive enclaves aren’t safe either.

Texas Republicans aren’t afraid to hide their intent, which is to grow the party’s power beyond the Constitution’s limits. As Republican Rept. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) said, “This isn’t a democracy anymore, so quit it.”

Unfortunately, the party that enables this rhetoric is correct: This isn’t a democracy anymore. It’s a fight for our freedoms.