Photo gallery: Lunge into a night of comedy with The Laugh Supper

Chris Hurt lays on the ground as arts major Taylor McMillan stands above him during the improv show on Oct. 10 in the Performance Hall. Photo by Skye Seipp/ The Et Cetera

Eastfield was in the thick of a heated presidential debate about “fast matresses driving” on the night of Oct. 11 in the Performance Hall.

The debate featured two “candidates,” one who favored the rapid driving bedding and said he would support them by taxing the rich, while the other opposed everything his counterpart said.

This was just one of the outlandish skits the improv group The Laugh Supper acted out during its visit to Eastfield.

The group was invited by theater professor Dusty Reasons Thomas. On top of the performance, students, faculty and staff were also invited to attend a workshop hosted by the improv group the night before, which entitled them to take part in the performance.

—Skye Seipp

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