The High 5: Get a caffeine fix at these shops

PHOTO BY COURTNEY SCHWING/THE ET CETERA Is your regular cup of Joe not making the cut any more? Order the Van Buren at Davis Street Espresso.
PHOTO BY COURTNEY SCHWING/THE ET CETERA Is your regular cup of Joe not making the cut any more? Order the Van Buren at Davis Street Espresso.
Is your regular cup of Joe not making the cut any more? Order the Van Buren at Davis Street Espresso.
By Courtney Schwing

To the standard coffee consumer, there are only two options: braving the snobbery of Starbucks or brewing drip coffee at home. That is, until the notion
of third-generation coffee came about. Thirdwave coffee shops step away from the superiority complex that haunts mainstream coffee companies such as Starbucks and Stumptown. The purpose of third-wave coffee is to put coffee on the map of artisanal foodstuffs like wine and cheese. Traditionalists would not understand this movement, probably mistaking it for more espresso elitism. Thanks, mainstream society. Third-wave ensures quality and craftsmanship, which are values coffee nerds everywhere can appreciate. If you’re up for stepping aside from the overdone vanilla latte and venturing forth into unchartered artisanal territory, we’ve compiled a list of the top five most original espresso beverages in Dallas.

Life House
506 N. Goliad St., Rockwall 75087
The drink: Blackbird
Don’t fret. It doesn’t taste as menacing as it sounds. On the contrary, the Blackbird is a diverse blend of slightly steamed milk and freshly pulled espresso shots. It’s a creamy beverage served straight to you in a double shot glass. Unfortunately, in order for you to reap the most flavorful and potent beverage possible, you cannot take this beverage to go. The Blackbird is designed to drink slowly and make you smell the roses along the way.

316 W. Seventh St., Dallas 75208
The drink: Black and Blue Nitro Cold Brew
Introducing the only cold-brew on tap in Dallas. Oddfellows offers coffee served straight from the keg. Coffee company Cuvee Coffee serves their Black and Blue blend to a select few companies. Oddfellows offers the rare sub-brew categorized as a nitro-coldbrew. Nitro implies that nitrogen has been added to the cold brew, giving it an ultra-smooth taste. For espresso nerds, this highly coveted brew makes it worth the pilgrimage to the Bishop Arts District.

Weekend Coffee
1511 Commerce St., Dallas 75201
The drink: Kyoto Cold Brew
Cold-brewed coffee has recently gone mainstream. Variations of this beverage are popping up in many coffee shops across the DFW area, and competition is stiff. Not to worry, as we’ve highlighted the most caffeinated cold brew in the area. The Kyoto method of cold-brewing seems more like an ancient Japanese form of chemistry, because it actually is. Ice, cold water and a fairly lengthy brewing time give this coffee its smooth yet powerhouse jolt of energy. Weekend Coffee’s utilization of ancient brewing techniques puts other brewing methods to shame.

2114 Greenville Ave., Dallas 75206
The drink: Van Gough
The Van Gough is just as progressive and innovative as the famous impressionist artist who inspired its name. Considered a spritzer, the Van Gough consists of four shots of espresso, your choice of a syrup (we recommend lavender) and sparkling water. This beverage has the perfect amount of freshly ground espresso, sufficing your caffeine needs, while the sparkling water leaves you refreshed and your thirst quenched.

Davis Street Espresso
819 W. Davis St., Dallas 75208
The drink: Van Buren
If you’re a fan of the famous cortado, an espresso staple like its more publicized sibling the latte, then the Van Buren is perfect for you. This deconstructed, three component beverage is divvied up between a cortado, a biscotti cookie and a glass of mineral water. The trio is served on a wooden serving platter similar to a fruit and cheese board utilized in wine pairings. The idea is that in between sipping, dunking and crunching the biscotti and cortado, the mineral water works as a palete cleanser. A sophisticated way to start your morning or a pick-me-up treat between study sessions, the Van Buren presents a well-rounded and unique espresso experience.

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