’Tis the season to make campus changes

EditorialCartoonNoWifiWith the holidays just around the corner, many people are readying their wish lists, hoping to receive gifts from their friends and family. We realize that administrators aren’t always aware of what students want from their college, so in the spirit of the season, we have compiled our own Eastfield wish list in hopes of changing our campus for the better.

Many of these requests cannot be addressed overnight, but we hope our suggestions will be considered in an effort to improve the educational experiences of future Eastfield students.

First, many students are losing valuable class time due to faulty technology. Whether it’s the often-sluggish Internet connection, a malfunctioning projector or an unresponsive Smart Board, professors and students are constantly attempting to fix broken or non-working gadgets when they could be participating in class.

Another major problem is that we seem to be outgrowing our own campus. As enrollment continues to rise, buildings and parking lots are becoming more crowded. The recent announcement that the Testing Center will be expanding into a currently occupied classroom also means that campus clubs will no longer have a predetermined meeting room.

Other problems, such as the broken microwave in the Pit and the lack of a PayPal option when paying tuition, are minor in comparison, but no less frustrating to students and faculty.

We also wonder why some buildings lack elevators and don’t have restrooms on each floor. This is most noticeable in the N building, which has no elevator and no second-floor restrooms. Additionally, some of the elevators we do have in adjacent buildings are not nearly large enough to comfortably accommodate a wheelchair.

Another frustration is that the majority of the campus’ vending machines do not accept credit or debit cards. Some don’t even give back the proper amount of change. We realize we can go to the Business Office for a refund, but this is a real time-waster, if not an impossibility, when trying to grab a quick snack before class.

And finally, is a nightly back-up on eConnect truly necessary, especially when so many students are regular night owls? Should three hours a day really be devoted to this?

That being said, there are some improvements we are thankful for this holiday season.

The outdated computers in the library are scheduled to be replaced, and food and drink is now allowed in non-computer areas, meaning we don’t have to take a break from studying to eat.

The addition of MyPortal accounts can also help many students keep track of their professors and classmates.

These are all steps in the right direction and proof that the campus and the student body can work together. However, we must strive to work in unison on these other long-term improvement projects.

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