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The Et Cetera

Relaxed woman practicing meditation at home at night, she is sitting in the lotus position on the office desk

New Year's resolution: Mindfulness over matter

January 28, 2019

By Kaitlyn Moore @TheEtCetera New classes, familiar stresses, late nights, family obligations, long hours spent at work — it all gets a little crazy, doesn’t it? We always have so much on our plates...

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Five ways to recommit to your New Year's resolution after you've failed it

January 23, 2018

Everyone already knows you failed your New Year’s resolution. They know because they failed theirs too. Did you honestly think you were going to stop eating honey buns from the office vending machine...

Don’t wait for a new year to resolve on a new you

Don’t wait for a new year to resolve on a new you

February 12, 2016

By Collin Cook It’s February and the pressure to follow through with our New Year’s resolutions is fading into the background of our busy schedules. We often don’t pay much attention to what others...

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