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Harvester Highlight: Passion for helping students grow drives librarian

Yesenia Alvarado/The Et Cetera
Yesenia Alvarado/The Et Cetera
Yesenia Alvarado/The Et Cetera

In this new series, The Et Cetera introduces you to members of the Eastfield community. For this issue, reporter Colin Taylor quizzed librarian Megan Horlander about her job, her travel goals and her pop culture pet peeves.

What do you do at Eastfield?
I help students with printing and using computers, and also with their research needs.

What is the most rewarding part of your day?

Being able to help a student that really needs it.

Do you come across a lot of students that do?

Oh yeah, they have no computer skills. They’re in an online class and don’t know what eCampus is. We’ve had that issue. Especially a lot of our returning students that are older.

When you read the job description, what stood out to you as “I really want to do this”?

I went to a community college when I was younger. I always liked the feel of a community college. It’s someplace that actually helps students. At a university, there’s like one librarian on desk and the rest are somewhere writing papers or ordering or whatever, and they don’t really get to help students that much. I wanted to be able to help students.

So you’d much rather interact than sit behind a desk all day?

Yeah, I’m pretty social.

What goals did you have coming to Eastfield, and do you feel like you achieved them?

I feel like I have. We each have a big project, and my big thing at the beginning was to be on Common Book Committee and help with the planning process. … The Henrietta Lacks (common book) was very, very successful. … I did start the Embedded Librarian Program and actually won Innovation of the Year for it. That’s something I want to see continued whether I’m here or not.

If you received a paid trip to anywhere in the world for a week, where would you want to go?

Europe. I’d go to Germany, and take the train to the Alps. I’m from German descent, and that’s a place I’ve never been. I’ve been to Ireland, Scotland and England. I love those places, and I’d love to go back.

What trend would you like to see started or die off in the student population?

What the heck is the thing called where you raise your arm and like – do you know what I’m talking about – they go like this? (Dabbing) I want that to stop completely. I want that to die a horrible death. Let’s see, eating Tide pods. That needs to stop. Who the hell thinks that’s a good thing? Realistically, like with my generation, I’m a millennial, and people have a tendency to (change) jobs a lot. I’ve been here four years and my best friend has switched jobs three times. People need to be more stable.

As a former community college student, what is one piece of advice you think all students should know coming to Eastfield?

Make sure all your credits will transfer. Don’t take classes where your credits won’t transfer. Look at the college that you want to go to and print out a form. Also, take as many classes that can transfer at community college because it will save you lots of money.

From a librarian’s perspective, what piece of advice would you give to students?

Don’t Google stuff. Use the databases.

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