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High Five: Top financial blogs for students

High Five: Top financial blogs for students
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The stereotype of the broke college student holds some truth to it — with tuition, books and newfound independence, it can be difficult to manage what little money you have. Fortunately, there are resources specifically made to help students pay for college, become financially independent and have fun on a budget. Here are the five best financial blogs for students.

— Compiled by Katrina Bond

Cheap Scholar

College administrator Doug Schantz has spent years helping students and their families figure out how to pay for college. He started his blog to share that knowledge, posting articles with information on financial aid, budgets, scholarship opportunities and affordable dating.  This blog is great for students because it has multiple posts for every category of finance you can think of, so students can continue to find helpful information even after graduation.


Martin Dasko believes that young adulthood should the most exciting time of your life, and he wants his readers to have the financial freedom to enjoy those years. Instead of approaching personal finance from a penny-pinching standpoint, Dasko encourages his readers to blow money on fun things while still being smart about their savings. Dasko also offers advice on investing in rental properties, world travel and taking the steps to finding your dream job while still making bank.

20something Finance

While in his 20s, G.E. Miller realized he had zero savings, and consequently, zero financial independence. Miller took a few years to master his money-saving techniques, and he now saves more than 85 percent of his income. With more than 750 posts covering topics from frugality and budgeting to investing and retirement, this blog is the perfect starting place for students who want to do more with their money. Despite the name, most of Miller’s readers are not in their 20s, but the advice is applicable for just about everyone.

The Penny Hoarder

CEO Kyle Taylor created what became The Penny Hoarder in 2010, when he was drowning in student debt. While not specifically for students, The Penny Hoarder has great articles that don’t just focus on ways to save money but ways to make money, as well. Articles in the “Make Money” section detail the best ways to earn money from home, great ideas for side hustles and even guides to finding the best savings account for you. Under the “Smart Money” category, you can learn how to rent an apartment with bad or no credit, how to survive sudden unemployment and how to pay off $30,000 in debt in 18 months.

Green Panda Treehouse

Four personal finance bloggers of varying ages and backgrounds started Green Panda Treehouse specifically for college students from all walks of life. Complete with free spreadsheets, articles about building credit and lowering car insurance rates and information about finding a job after you graduate, Green Panda Treehouse knows exactly what students are looking for, whether they are just opening their first savings account or trying to get the most out of their tax return.

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