EDITORIAL: DEI hiring supports our student body


Gov. Greg Abbott is targeting buzzwords for his latest political play: transgender, critical race theory and TikTok. Now, diversity, equity and inclusion hiring policies have caught his ire.

Our DEI program seemed like it was here to stay prior to the governor’s office issuing a memo on Feb. 7 ceasing the implementation of DEI policies in state agencies, branding the practice as “employment discrimination.”

With approximately 60% of the Texas population identifying as a race other than white, according to the most recent Census Bureau statistics, it seems incredulous that the governor is actively working against the very people who make up the state he is meant to represent.

The governor has failed to explain why DEI policies are illegal under current employment laws, save for a fallacy that creating diversity inherently promotes discrimination.

Institutions such as the University of Texas System have already rolled back such practices, and it looks like more dominoes will fall.

Dallas College falls right in line with state demographics: 64.6% of our student body is made up of nonwhite identifying students. Our active personnel statistics are almost a mirror image, with 63% identifying as a race other than white. This includes faculty, administration and other staff positions such as success coaches and admission specialists.

Hiring staff who are representative of our student body is important. The opportunity to see the faces of instructors and student support positions who look like them can be an inspiration for many minority students.

A research article published by the Review of Educational Research reflects the positive impact of student-teacher racial and ethnic matching.

“Black and Latino/a students (1) receive more favorable ratings of classroom behavior and academic performance, (2) score higher on standardized tests, and (3) have more positive behavioral outcomes when assigned to a teacher of the same race/ethnicity,” according to the article.

Our incredible diversity at Dallas College has been a point of pride. The administration has consistently supported multicultural, LGBTQ and other events that celebrate diversity throughout the years.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and civil rights leaders are already trying to take a legal stand against Abbott’s attack on diversity.

Eliminating diversity hiring practices is only going to hurt the students and communities they were originally created to support. The fact that the Texas government is consistently attempting to stifle the qualities that make this college a refuge for many is a disservice to everyone.