High Five: Games to help new players Switch it up

SHANTERIA BRANCH, Contributor @TheEtCetera

Congratulations, you got a Nintendo Switch!

But what games should you buy? This list of five games will help determine your play style and game preferences. Whether you’re going on a quest or showing off your colors, these games will give you a sense of fun and excitement.


‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’

 Release: April 27, 2017

 Genre: Racing

 Cost: $50-$60


A remaster of “Mario Kart 8” on the Nintendo Wii U, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” belongs to the Mario Kart series. In this remaster, there is more content. For instance, in addition to the original and DLC characters from the Wii U version you also get new characters like King Boo, Dry Bones, Bowser Jr and Inkling Boy/Girl.

Anyone can play the Mario Kart series, and “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is no different. Because of its simple controls and gameplay, anyone can jump in. There are a lot of fun characters and tracks to choose from as well as different game modes.

You can even play online with friends and family locally or remotely. There is something for everyone in this fun multiplayer game.


‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

 Release: March 3, 2017

 Genre: Action-adventure

 Cost: $40-$60


In this open-world game, you can explore Hyrule from Kakario village, where you can hang out with the villagers and engage in challenging puzzles. You can do missions in any order you like. With so many characters and side quests, you can spend plenty of time playing this game.

In this game, it’s time for defending Hyrule once more from Ganon by playing as Link. Craft your weapons and obtain supplies to save the land. Can you help Link save Hyrule once again?


‘Splatoon 2’

 Release: July 21, 2017

 Genre: Third-person shooter

 Cost: $40-$60


“Splatoon 2” is the sequel to “Splatoon.” Contrary to other third-person shooter games, this series uses squid kids to battle other players using ink. Colorful but chaotic, “Splatoon 2” is a four-on-four action game.

Play a casual turf war in which you must make sure your team gets the most ink on the ground, or a competitive rank battle in which you must accomplish an objective to win the battle. For example, you can keep control of your territory or stay on a tower until you get to your opponent’s base. You can win by using the best weapons and gear, which there is a new selection.

Are you looking for some practice? In story mode, you can practice your skills before entering the battlefield.


‘Kirby and The Forgotten Land’

 Release: March 25, 2022

 Genre: Platform

 Cost: $55-$60


Kirby fans have waited a long time for this game. Because Kirby can suck up and copy the abilities of his enemies, he is different from other platform games. Therefore, you can swallow a knight and fight your enemies with a sword.

Explore a mysterious world with Kirby on his first 3D adventure. Kirby’s copying abilities allow you to attack enemies and explore new areas in new ways. The Beast Pack is holding innocent Waddle Dees captive, and you must rescue them. Play alone or with a friend.



 Release: May 21, 2021

 Genre: Roleplaying

 Cost: $40-$50


In this game, cast anyone as a character as you’re taking on this fun adventure to defeat the Dark Lord, who is robbing people of their faces. Besides choosing their characters’ roles, you can also customize their looks and personalities using Mii characters. 

Mii characters are the avatars in Nintendo games, and you can make a lot of them. They can be anything from yourself and your family to your favorite characters. Secondly, using the inns will help your Miis form relationships. There is a good mix of action, fun and goofiness in this RPG. 

Now is the time to begin your adventure!