High Five: Four-player games on sale

CARMEN GUZMAN, Editor in Chief

Those in a gaming group, myself included, know the gamble in doling out $60 for an unknown experience. Sometimes the price tag stops us from pitching an idea to the group. Fortunately, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great opportunity to pick up new multiplayer experiences. Here are some fun four-player games with incredible discounts. But don’t delay, these steals won’t stay for long!


Back 4 Blood

Standard Price: $60    Discounted Price: $20

Enter the shoes of a specialized zombie exterminator and free your town from an infected threat. With guns, knives, clubs or even fists, the game has no shortage of options for dispatching the constantly- mutating infection. The game’s in-depth class creation system purposely gives you room to create potentially game-breaking playstyles. Numerous playstyles are welcome in this dynamic class creator. Coupled with the game’s signature AI director, every zombie-slaying run is a new experience regardless of difficulty.

The game’s downloadable content cycle ends this year, but free updates are expected to come. Come slay with your friends on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.


Sea of Thieves

Standard Price: $40    Discounted Price: $20

Disembark on the pirate adventure of a lifetime on Sea of Thieves, capable of recreating the best moments from your favorite pirate movies. You can assemble a crew of up to four friends for your treasure hunt. All sorts of gold and glory awaits on a sea littered with diverse biomes, home to a variety of obstacles standing between you and your booty.

Watch out for fellow players too – some have good intentions, but others are happy to take your gains. Your treasure is as safe as your will to protect it. Become the most legendary pirate crew in the sea of thieves on PC and Xbox.


Deep Rock Galactic

Standard Price: $30    Discounted Price: $15

There’s no better hangout spot with friends than 30,000 meters below the surface of a hostile, alien world. In Deep Rock Galactic, you’re a dwarf working for an intergalactic mining company that’s happy to write you off as a statistic. However, your employers are content with lending hardware to squash the alien insects trying to stop your friends from getting their paycheck. Craft gun loadouts with their own variety of labor law violations and alien-killing carnage.

If you and your crew keep satisfying the higher ups, you might earn a promotion. Become the best miner in the galaxy on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.


Dead By Daylight

Standard Price: $30    Discounted Price: $10

The horrors on television don’t feel that realistic until you’re getting chased down by them in a third-person survival experience. In Dead By Daylight, you’re an average joe trapped in a paranormal entity’s sadistic plane, unleashing monsters intent on granting a fate worse than death. You can’t fight back, only escape – it’s up to you and your friends to repair the machines that’ll literally open your path to freedom. But watch out, for one of your friends can play as the killer.

Dead By Daylight also stands out with playable horror icons such as Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers. Each monster presents a unique set of scares. You can appreciate the horror with friends on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.



Standard Price: $60    Discounted Price: $15

No game puts the scale of the galaxy better than Stellaris. This top-down, grand strategy game gives you and your friends one goal: build a prosperous empire by any means necessary. You win when other nations collapse by economic failure, infighting or imperialism. There are no impractical methods to being the star that outlasts the others.

Although the game has a package of downloadable content, they often go on a discount. If you and your friends want to lead your own galaxies, look no further than this star-studded game of political chess on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.