Photo Gallery: Employees march against bullying

The Unity Day walk took place at Eastfield’s jogging track.

CARMEN GUZMAN, Editor in Chief

A handful of Eastfield faculty walked throughout campus for the newly-dubbed Unity Day.

Dallas College counseling and psychological services coordinated anti-bullying marches across all campuses. Participants wore bright orange attire, adding color with the theme of visibility.

“We want students to know that we stand with them,” counselor Jaime Torres said. “Dallas College is not the place for bullying.”

Unity Day organizers selected Torres to lead Eastfield’s march. Spirits were high among the bantering faculty.

The march started at Information Central and trickled into the lower courtyard, flowing to the outer jogging track before looping back indoors.

“Usually, if it’s your first event, the turnout is not as big. But I’m sure if we do it again, it’ll be better next year,” Torres said.