Nacho business: Faculty, staff chip in on student fund

Amanda Anantathat serves food to Robin Manuel during Eastfield President Eddie Tealer’s Nacho Ordinary Fundraiser.

CARMEN GUZMAN, Editor In Chief

The Employee Giving Campaign has raised $144,000 to date, and 87% has gone into the college’s designated Emergency Aid Fund for students.

Campus President Eddie Tealer’s Nacho Ordinary Fundraiser on Sep. 14 was one of the first events dedicated to the Employee Giving Campaign. Representatives from the Dallas College Foundation collected donations in the “come-and-go” nacho-themed fundraiser held at Eastfield’s President’s Suite in A-310.

“If you get nachos and give, it’s for the students,” Tealer said.

Dallas College hasn’t hosted an Employee Giving Campaign since the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s campaign focuses on the Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund.

Since the conclusion of the CARES Act funding, the largest pillar for the emergency fund is gone. Wednesday’s fundraiser as well as upcoming ones provide alternative sources of funding.

“Our priority is emergency aid,” said Christen Derryberry, Dallas College Foundation program specialist. “We have $30,000 for emergency aid per month, and it’s important not to let it run dry.”

Eighty-seven percent of donations have gone toward the Emergency Aid Fund; the remaining 13% has gone toward scholarships and programs.

“We’re really focusing on our students because the needs are so great,” Tealer said. “And we feel really good about doing it.”

Total donations for the nacho fundraiser are being calculated. Additional fundraisers are confirmed but no dates have been announced.

The Dallas College Foundation is encouraging participation by entering donors in raffles and offering free gifts at upcoming events.

“Many of the students we serve face daunting life challenges that make college attendance difficult or impossible,” Dallas College Chancellor Justin Lonon said in a statement about the Employee Giving Campaign. “That’s why I’m so proud of our work with Dallas College Foundation.”