Our View: 2030 plan will foster communication, engagement


Illustration by Mattheau Faught/The Et Cetera

Chancellor Justin Lonon’s 2030 plan will move Dallas College forward.

The creation of measurable goals and key performance indicators will help Dallas College stay on track.

The initiatives of continuous improvement, culture and communications will help build employee and student morale.

Students say they love campus events, and we want to see more of them. Students need a reason outside of class to come to campus. Activities still haven’t reached pre-pandemic levels, and now that the pandemic is winding down, students want to connect to peers and have fun on campus.

Students also say they need flexible class options they can work into their busy schedules. We applaud efforts to provide more online programs and flex classes, as well as in-person classes to meet the wide range of student needs.

Communication continues to be an issue for both employees and students.

Employees say sometimes they are the last ones to hear about changes in college policies — information they need to know so they can pass it on to students. Students say they don’t always hear about new situations, such as the construction blocking off two of Eastfield’s parking lots.

Consistent communication to both employees and students will help the college run smoother.

Employees are dealing with major campus changes. Many of their colleagues are no longer with Dallas College or have been moved to a new location. In some cases, employees don’t even know who their new co-workers are. Employees need opportunities to build community with each other, and we support all efforts to make that happen.

There has been a lot of talk about Dallas College being student centric. While we are in favor of that, we hope the new goals for Dallas College will also include robust initiatives to support faculty and staff. All efforts to support them will benefit students as well.

Thank you for looking toward the future with the 2030 plan.