It’s your body, so hold men accountable


Illustration by Mattheau Faught/The Et Cetera

KETURAH JONES, Contributor

The Supreme Court refused to block Texas Senate Bill 8, unofficially named the Texas Heartbeat Act,  yet protesters are still chanting, “It’s my body.”

While looking at the news, I saw women standing on the front line, holding the bag alone.

First, ladies, I respect that you are taking a stand to make your voices heard, but isn’t there another approach to exercising control over your body on the front-end of conception so that no lives are lost?

The “my body, my choice” movement has a valid voice.

Yet there must be a better way to demonstrate the control you have over your body. How about holding the men accountable before consenting to intimacy?

Think about new boundaries. Your body is the most precious possession on earth. Anyone having access should know there are responsibilities that come along with that privilege.

Holding men accountable should be a priority in the minds of every woman when it comes to her body. The consequences are too high, and in the end, most of the time the woman is left standing alone to decide about the future.

Women, you must start setting standards on the front-end of a pregnancy to make sure you are not left stranded.

Put him to the test by saying “no” to a one-night stand. If he says “Baby, I love you,” resist. If he leaves, then you know the love was not real.

You owe it to yourself to protect your body from the consequences of terminating a pregnancy.

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome, grief, anger, regret, shame, guilt, mental turmoil, depression, and anxiety are just a few things that can wreak havoc on your mind and body.

An often-overlooked issue about abortion is that these problems can linger for years.

You might find yourself struggling to control promiscuity, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, low self-esteem, and suicidal urges. Not to mention, you could lose your ability to reproduce once you are ready to conceive.

Every woman will react differently after an abortion and some will need more support than others along the path to healing.

Yes, it is your body, and your body deserves to be treated lovingly with respect and kindness. If a man is unwilling to recognize he is putting you in jeopardy by asking for your body without a commitment, that man is not demonstrating real love.

If you do not hold him accountable, then you are signing your life away.

Where are the men? It takes two people to conceive. It may be hard to believe, but men are injured when a decision to terminate a child he desires is made.

I read an article about a man’s perspective in the New York Times Magazine. The man’s name was Hal. “What about my choice?” he said. “It was like something was being taken away from me.”

Beyoncé’s song says “put a ring on it.” She is right. This will stop all confusion and lock both parties to a union that is nurturing and healthy.