Singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day, too

Illustration by April Calvo/The Et Cetera

Illustration by April Calvo/The Et Cetera

APRIL CALVO, Graphic Designer

Each February, those who are single in our society face an important question. What to do on Valentine’s Day? If you happen to be single on this glorious day, don’t panic. Here are 10 ideas for celebrating this occasion in a meaningful way.

Family appreciation

Today is a great day to show your appreciation for parents, grandparents, and friends. You could babysit your younger siblings so your parents could have a date night. Or you could send a gift or flowers to someone special. Baking a cake or having a nice dinner with your family could also work. It’s the day to appreciate the people around you, after all. Don’t wait to go out and show your appreciation to your loved ones.

Treat Yourself

You’ve worked hard during the pandemic and now it’s time to splurge on an expensive item. Buy something that gives you solace and keeps you motivated to keep doing the things you do. Plus, with all the Valentine’s Day sales, there’s a possibility you’ll find a few things on your wishlist for a discount. Take the chance and spend a little more on yourself. Your single, independent self deserves it.

Power off & chill

This is the only day where it is widely accepted for singles to relax in their homes and take a break without being called lazy. Power off all your social media to avoid the Valentine’s Day drama, lay back, and just chill. You can listen to some music, audiobooks, watch a movie, binge K-dramas, play video games, meditate, take a spa day or just sleep. If you want to hibernate, go for it.

Take a hike

If you’re the bitter type who gets annoyed seeing couples act mushy, spending the day outdoors is a great idea. You could explore the Trinity Forest Piedmont Ridge trail or visit the various nature reserves in Dallas County. If you like nature, you’ll love taking pictures and basking in the silence. Just you, nature, and no couples to destroy your peace and quiet.

Try a new recipe

If you’ve seen some weird recipes on social media you haven’t gotten the chance to try out, today is the day. Now is your opportunity to experiment with ingredients and make something like fried Oreos, fried chicken with hot Cheetos, whipped coffee, cloud bread, spaghetti tacos, pancake cereal and so much more. After all, you never know what you’ll like until you try.

Level up skills & hobbies

Maybe you’re not the outdoorsy or cooking type. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go online and learn something new. Watch a tutorial on how to draw with Markcrilley, improve your wardrobe or home with Frugal Aesthetic, try to make charms with Creative Rachy, learn some DIY crafts with Maqaroon or go on Skillshare to learn from professionals. It’s a great time to finally start checking things off that bucket list you’ve made years ago.


Time goes so fast it’s easy to neglect cleaning your room or home. Now would be a good time to do that. Cleaning makes your surroundings look better and it helps your well-being by reducing stress. You can listen to a podcast, audiobook or music and have a dance party while you’re at it. Once you’re done and able to see the floor, you’ll feel the fulfillment of crossing something off your to-do list.


There are many places in Dallas and in your local neighborhood that need volunteers. It usually doesn’t matter if it’s just for a day. Your help is very much appreciated and you’ll be doing your conscience and your community a favor. If you have some free time, drop by and sign up to volunteer at the Stewpot, Soup Mobile, Inspired Vision, the Salvation Army, or any other place that needs help.


If you have the mental capacity and physical tolerance to handle children for a few hours and need some cash, babysitting on Valentine’s Day is also a great idea. You could be doing your friends or family a favor and earn money for it. It’s a win-win scenario if you can handle the little angels. Video games, movies, and activities where you can keep an eye on them will save your sanity.


If you’re not one of those families that has their own karaoke machine your uncles and aunts wail into at family gatherings, there’s better options than singing in your room. Dallas offers various karaoke bars with private rooms like Encore Family Karaoke, Soju 101 Karaoke, Vetted Well and many more that can be rented for a few bucks. Remember to check their website and see if they have private rooms. Those usually start around $30 for small parties. If you’re looking for an audience, try the Nostalgia Tavern or The Old Crow. Go ahead and sing away your single feelings until your lungs give out.