High Five: Top side hustles for college students

Illustration by Adamaris Sanchez/The Et Cetera

Illustration by Adamaris Sanchez/The Et Cetera


Tired of not having enough money? Many college students could use a few extra bucks here and there. Being a college student is hard enough and having a part-time job that doesn’t pay well isn’t good either. So why not start doing side hustles for a few extra bucks and little to no work.


Driving for Uber

Bills right around the corner and need money now? Try driving for Uber. Part-time Uber drivers who work 10 hours a week in Dallas make about $250, including tips.


Uber drivers tend to get more work on the weekend since people are out on the town. Another way to find more customers is to drive in downtown Dallas where not everyone has a car or be available after 5p.m. when people get out of work.


You can cash out your earnings up to five times a day if necessary. Working for Uber can be a quick and efficient way to make money.





Vehicle Requirements:



Food Delivery: DoorDash


Can’t drive for Uber due to high car mileage? Why not join DoorDash? It’s a food delivery service app that sends you to pick up customers’ orders. All orders will be within the area, so you don’t have to worry about the mileage on your car.



All you need is a working phone with a GPS and a car. The app itself tells you exactly what to do, so you just need to follow the instructions on your phone. According to DoorDash.com, Dallas drivers can earn up to $22 an hour on a busy day.


Even when customers do not tip, you still get paid for deliveries. If you work 4-5 hours a day for four days a week you could make $350- $400 a week.





Sell your clothes


Selling your old clothes can be an easy way to make more money and more space in your closet. You can sell clothes on Facebook, Instagram, eBay and Depop. All these sites are recommended for first time sellers.


Experienced sellers recommend that you wash and sew all clothing items to make them more appealing in pictures. When selling online, be sure to list  the size, color, brand and your price.


According to Business Insider, today’s fashion is inspired by other people’s hand me downs. So start digging in your closet and start making money today.


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Picking up groceries for someone else is another thing you can do as a side hustle. Instacart makes it easy to shop for customers’ needs. All you need to do is drive up to the customer’s preferred location and start shopping for groceries.


Don’t get this app confused with DoorDash. With Instacart you only pick up groceries.


Every time you pick up an item you scan and check the box to remember the item is in the cart. Pictures are included if you’ve never seen an item on the list before.


Instacart pays up to $12.66 an hour and if you work up to five hours a day, for three days of the week, you can make more than $250 a week plus tips. Making money is that easy. Work smarter not harder.





Work study


Want to work somewhere that’s not too far away with good pay? Well, you’re in luck! You can work right where you study — at school. Dallas College pays students $15 an hour for up 19.5 hours a week. They can also work around your class schedule with no problem.


You must be enrolled and in at least six credit hours and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You must also meet the Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.


For more information you can visit your Dallas College financial aid adviser.


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