Q&A: IncludED coordinator talks about Dallas College’s new textbook with tuition program

MATTHEAU FAUGHT/Presentation Editor

Starting this fall, the cost of most learning materials for credit classes will be automatically included with tuition at all Dallas College campuses through the IncludED program. The Vice President of Instruction at Cedar Valley and IncludED coordinator, Audra Barrett, talked with Et Cetera Editor in Chief Harriet Ramos about what students can expect from the program. Here is an excerpt of their WebEx interview, which has been edited for clarity.
How much will tuition increase?
$20 per credit hour. All of that information is posted on the web page.
Is there a separate application for IncludED?
Students don’t need to do anything. They are automatically part of the program.
Can all Dallas College students get IncludED?
Early college high school and dual credit students are not included because the school districts work on a separate system with Follett. Continuing education courses are not included.
What learning materials are covered?
Most eBooks, most print books [if they are not available in eBook format]. We’ve been working closely with faculty to produce science kits and art kits. The faculty have put in those kits what they feel is absolutely necessary for the students to be successful in class. We are talking about required course materials.
What learning materials are not covered?
Pens and pencils aren’t provided. [Some materials in] dental hygiene or nursing [are not], because of the expense of the entire program. Gloves wouldn’t be covered because of the different sizes involved. Recommended [as opposed to required] materials would be at the expense of the student.
 What format will the textbooks be in?
For the most part they will be eBooks, but if an instructor said ‘I really need to have this book in print copy’ we of course accommodate that.
Editor’s note: Watch this video for step-by-step information on how to access the eBooks through eCampus.
Is there a print option for students who prefer that?
Students would have to check with their [Follett] bookstore to first find out if there is a print upgrade [available] and what the cost would be. It won’t be the regular hardback book; it will be something like loose-leaf.
 How will the materials be delivered?
All the print material and kits will be shipped to students’ addresses. My best word of advice is please check your address in eConnect and update it, so the material gets shipped to the proper place.
Most of the eBook material is integrated into the eCampus system and so when students go on their eCampus course site they will either receive their information through a link if it’s courseware, or if it’s an eBook it will be under a course menu item called Learning Materials.
 How soon can students expect to receive their print materials?   
Follett will begin to ship out the first week in August. When Follett ships, the students will get a tracking number so they can track that shipment through either UPS or FedEx.
Is there an opt-out option?
Yes, there is an opt-out option found on eConnect as one of the menu items. Students would just go through the steps of opting out. It usually takes 24, maybe 48 hours, and they’re refunded back that tuition increase.
Editor’s note: Anyone may opt out, but those who do will have to pay for their own learning materials. The opt out is on a semester-by-semester basis. The following video gives step-by-step information on the opt-out process.
Who can students contact if they have more questions?
On the IncludED website, there’s a FAQs section.
There is also an email address: [email protected]. That email goes directly to me and to Follett so we can assist students as those questions come in.