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The Et Cetera brings in 52 TIPA awards, first place for overall excellence

The Et Cetera staff poses after receiving awards from the Texas Community College Journalism Association at Baylor University in October. Photo courtesy of Lori Dann

The Et Cetera won first place for Newspaper Overall Excellence in Division 3 from the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, and Editor-in-Chief Skye Seipp was named both Editor and Reporter of the Year.
The Et Cetera staff received 52 awards from TIPA and tied with Northeast Texas Community College for the highest number of awards. The Et Cetera brought home three of the four awards in the General News Writing Category and placed first, second and third in Multimedia Sports Story.
Eastfield’s Student Media Manager Sarah Sheldon said all The Et Cetera staff have gone above and beyond in their work to produce quality content. She said the highlight of her job is looking over the award sheet and seeing names of Et Cetera reporters.
“Anytime we win the Overall Excellence award, that one’s always exciting because it’s the whole package,” she said. “That requires everybody doing their job and doing it well. … It’s an effort that shows consistency across a time frame.”
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Seipp has been editor in chief since May 2019. His first article was published in the first paper of the 2019 spring semester. Four months later he took over the editor in chief position from Aria Jones.
He said he is proud of the staff and how they have stepped up, especially now during the COVID-19 crisis when the workload has been heavier.
“Yes, I got the Editor-of-the-Year award, but that’s really because I had such a good team of people that was there to help me, provide me feedback, give me support,” he said. “Everyone really played a role, and of course, the advisers too. They’re always there giving advice, being the elder counsel in a sense, to help us, or to help me at least make sure that what I’m doing is ethical, that things are on track.”
Faculty Adviser Lori Dann said she is proud of Seipp for winning Reporter of the Year and Editor of the Year because of the tremendous amount of competition involved in those two awards.
Dann said Jones and the other editors before Seipp set high standards of leadership that they passed down to those who came after them.
“That’s really what we’re trying to do here is build a tradition of excellence, and I think we’ve done that,” she said. “We’re starting to see it really pay off for our students after they leave here, because students in the last few years have gone on and really accomplished a lot, and I strongly believe that Skye will continue in that tradition.”
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In addition to Overall Excellence, The Et Cetera also placed first in Cover Design and first in Overall Design. The website placed second for Overall Excellence.
Individual staff members also brought home first place awards in multiple categories: Anthony Lazon for Photo Illustration and Editorial Cartoon, Hunter Garza for General Column, Marisol Ramirez for Multimedia Sports Story and Seipp for Sports Game Story and General News.
A complete list of awards that The Et Cetera staff received is below.
“All of our students put in a lot of hard work all through the year and it’s nice to see when that hard work is recognized,” Dann said.
First Place
Anthony Lazon: Editorial Cartoon: Graduation errors expose ineptitude in communication
Anthony Lazon: Environmental Portrait: Looking to strike back after physical and emotional hardship Courtanae Calhoun comes home
Anthony Lazon: Photo Illustration: Head in the Clouds
Anthony Lazon: Static Ad Design: The Alternative
Anthony Lazon: Cover Design – Newspaper: She is Back
David Silva/Aldahir Segovia: Feature Page/Spread Design – Newspaper: Avengers Endgame
Erik Krouskop: Static Information Graph: Cost of College (Eastfield Experience)
Et Cetera Staff: Headline Writing: A Blunt Proposal
Et Cetera Staff: Overall Design – Newspaper: A Blunt Proposal 
Et Cetera Staff: Special Edition Design – Print: The Experience
Et Cetera Staff: Overall Excellence – Newspaper
Hunter Garza: General Column: New rallying cry in age old clash of generations
Marisol Ramirez/Anthony Lazon/Brianna Harmon: Multimedia Sports Story: Looking to strike back after physical and emotional hardship Courtanae Calhoun comes home 
Skye Seipp: General News: Law requiring government contractors to sign pro-Israel document may be revised
Skye Seipp: Sports Game Story: Harvesters season ends 25-8; Thunderducks advance
Skye Seipp/Anthony Lazon: General News Multimedia Story: Trump supporters flood streets for Dallas rally
Skye Seipp: Editor of the Year – Two-year Schools
Skye Seipp: Reporter of the Year – Two-year Schools
Sonya Nunez: General News Photo: O’Rourke rally focuses on bridges not walls 
Second Place
Anthony Lazon: Cover Design – Newspaper: A Blunt Proposal
Anthony Lazon: General News Photo: Trump supporters flood streets for Dallas rally
Aria Jones: Multimedia Sports Story: Harvesters captain makes a comeback; returns after dropping 95 pounds 
Ariel and Gabrielle Evans: Illustration: The Experience
Brianna Harmon: Sports Game Story: Volleyball misses nationals first time in four years 
David Silva: Critical Review: Climax spirals into delightfully unsettling dance 
Et Cetera Staff: Headline Writing: Homeless in Plain Sight 
Et Cetera Staff: Overall Design – Website
Et Cetera Staff: Overall Excellence – Website 
Laura Sanchez Romero: Cartoon Strip/Panel: Laura’s mind
Marisol Ramirez/Manuel Cruz/Arlette Acosta: General News Video Story: LULAC returns to Eastfield with renewed involvement
Skye Seipp: Editorial: True culture change requires time, effort 
Skye Seipp: General News Multimedia Story: Police academy graduate, family displaced after crane collapse in Dallas
Yesenia Alvarado: Feature Photo: DCCCD shows colors at annual Pride parade
Third Place
Allan Garcia-Ramos/Jessica Martinez: Illustration: Fay beyond the hype: Rap’s best artists of today
Aria Jones/Yesenia Alvarado: Multimedia Sports Story: 300 isn’t everything: Fletcher’s goal is for the team to win at life
Anthony Lazon: Editorial Cartoon: Disrupting lives shows lack of integrity
Anthony Lazon: Sports Feature Photo: She is Back
David Silva: Feature Story: A True comeback: 20-time felon finds purpose in charity, servitude, leadership
Jordan Lackey: General Column: Growing up in same-sex household teaches healthy relationships
Skye Seipp: General News: Campus leaders questioned about diversity efforts
Skye Seipp: Best Use of Social Media – Breaking News: Recap through tweets: President’s forum leads to questions about diversity on campus
Yesenia Alvarado: Multimedia Feature: Hidden gem: Mediterranean meets healthy at Mayas
Yesenia Alvarado: Sports Action Photo: Head basketball coach nets 300 wins
Honorable Mention
Anthony Lazon: Environmental Portrait: What to know before getting tattooed
Brianna Harmon: Feature Story: Following physical and emotional hardship, Courtanae Calhoun looks to strike back
Erik Krouskop: Static Information Graph: Green up your act: Help make the world a better place by starting at home with these facts, tips
Andrew Walter: Editorial: Graduation errors expose ineptitude in communication
James Hartley: Feature News Reporting – Video: Cirque du Soleil comes to Dallas with Amaluna
Jessica Martinez: Cartoon Strip Panel: No raccoons allowed
Skye Seipp: General News: Campus child care set to be outsourced amid reorganization
Skye Seipp: Best Use of Social Media – Breaking News: Tuition increase
Yesenia Alvarado: General News Photo: Activist survives streets, helps Dallas youth, homeless

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