Brief: New lights coming to parking lots

Brief: New lights coming to parking lots

Eastfield is awaiting approval from the Violence Against Women Act for a grant that would help pay for lighting in areas on campus that are dark at night, such as the Lower Courtyard.

Counselor Jaime Torres is seeking feedback from students, faculty and staff about which other specific areas are dark at night.

“I think anything that helps to make the campus a safer environment for everyone is beneficial,” he said.

It is one of two lighting improvement programs working to provide better lighting in parking lots, courtyard areas and other dark spaces on campus.

Director of Facilities Services Michael Brantley said the goal is to make campus safer and save energy. The lights being replaced in parking lots is part of a 2012 bond package that included improvements around campus like upgrading the parking lots from asphalt to concrete.

“There are actually specific sciences for how much minimum light is required for safety,” he said. “We’re challenged with trying to figure out, to make sure that we illuminate the campus from door to car, and that people feel safe. That’s our goal.”

Brantley said facilities is conducting photometric testing to determine if the campus is well lit. He said the LED lights that are being installed are brighter, cast light 360 degrees and save energy.

He said this project will likely be completed in May, but facilities will begin planning the lighting project that is part of the VAWA grant before then.

The lighting from the VAWA grant will focus on lights that hang from the walls of buildings and focus on areas closer to campus.

—Compiled by Aria Jones

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