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We can’t trust Obama’s unknown plan for America

By Ginny Morris

After watching “2016: Obama’s America” recently, I was struck by the startling question posed by the movie: Can we trust President Barack Obama with the future of the greatest nation in the world?
The movie, based on Dinesh D’Souza’s book “Roots of Obama’s Rage,” examines the president’s background to analyze his beliefs.
According to D’Souza, Obama feels that America is unjust in being a world power — that big, successful nations achieve success by terrorizing and cheating smaller nations out of their wealth.
D’Souza’s research demonstrates how Obama’s childhood was strongly influenced by his father, Barack Obama Sr.  Although he was absent for most of his son’s life, the elder Obama had a tremendous influence on the philosophy and political views of his namesake.
Obama’s father was born in Kenya, a British colony from 1920 to 1963.  He saw the British as intruders who robbed Kenya of its wealth to fill their own pockets.
Living in Hawaii for years, President Obama was surrounded by a perspective very similar to his father’s.  The American government annexed Hawaii, overthrew the native Hawaiian rulers, and took over the rich resources of the islands.  Some in Hawaii still resent the American interference in their land.
D’Souza believes that Obama absorbed his father’s belief that the colonizers oppressed the colonized, that large nations bully the small to achieve prosperity.
Suppose Obama came to believe that the power of large, wealthy nations resulted from decades of stealing from weaker nations. What could he do about it?  Becoming the single most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth would certainly be a great way to start making up for years of inequality.  If he did want to “level the playing field” to give the smaller nations a better chance, the American presidency would be the ideal position from which to do it.
If the strength of the strong comes from exploiting the weak, then the ultimate poetic justice would be for the leader of the wealthiest nation to give the wealth back to the oppressed and weaken the power of the “oppressor.”
Such a leader would be a modern Robin Hood, giving back to the poor all that was taken from them to pad the pockets of the wealthy nations.
The theory that Obama is trying to give away power to smaller nations would explain why he stopped American offshore drilling but offered to support Brazil’s offshore drilling program.  Brazil was a Portuguese colony for more than three centuries, logically one of the countries that Obama should be sympathetic towards if he is an anti-colonist.
The strong sense of nationalism that America has felt for more than two centuries is based on the belief that we are totally unique among the nations of the world.  No other people on earth have as much freedom as Americans, and it has been generally accepted by the American people that our role as a superpower is to stand up for justice and freedom for all people.
Yet Obama told the world in his 2009 speech in Cairo, “Given our interdependence, any world order that elevates one nation or a group of people over another will inevitably fail.”
Obama’s plans seem to include more than he’s letting on.  Is Obama’s dream really the dream of the American people? Obama was elected largely because of his charisma and his promise to fix the financial crisis.  He ran on a platform of bringing change to America.  He has brought change to America, but we are not a better or stronger country because of it.  If anything, we are worse off than when he took office.
During his presidency America has lost its AAA credit rating.  According to Treasury Direct the national debt has increased by over $5 trillion, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate is 8.1 percent, up from 7.2 percent in December 2008.
At the end of the day, Obama is the only person who knows if what D’Souza suspects is accurate. If it is true, Obama isn’t going to tell us.
Americans can’t expect a leader who doesn’t share their vision of America’s place in the world to make the decisions they want for their country.  A leader whose personal beliefs remain so heavily veiled can’t be relied on to make the right decisions for the American people.
Will we ever know what Obama’s vision for America really is?  Let’s not re-elect him to find out.

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