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Negative words can become negative actions

By Kametra Nickerson- Loud

Many people can identify with different verses from the Bible, regardless of whether or not they are religious.
In the book of Proverbs there is a verse that says, “Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”
This verse reminds me of the many trials I have faced in life that would have had a better outcome had I spoken my words in a positive way.
When I returned to college last spring, I thought and spoke about my return in a negative manner from the beginning.
Being a full-time student, maintaining a career and being a mother at the same time was overwhelming.
“I’m so tired. I can’t work and go to school. I should just quit,” I said.
I would complain to family, friends, co-workers or anyone who would listen.
Eventually, I became too tired to go to work and couldn’t complete my class assignments in a timely manner.
One day I was speaking with an older friend who has had plenty of life experience. She offered me some advice based on the saying “I am what I say I am.”  She told me that what a person is focused on, whether good or bad, will eventually become their reality.
My negative words had manifested and become my negative actions. Once I thought about what she said, I realized it was true.
I began to analyze my situation and realized it wasn’t overwhelming at all.
It’s not as if my professors didn’t give me a syllabus and prepare me for what was required. Other students around me were taking just as many courses, and some had two or three children as well as a full-time job, but they didn’t seem overwhelmed.
I only have one child and was working just two days a week, and that was on the weekend. I had plenty of time during the week to complete my assignments, study and take care of my daughter.
But it wasn’t enough to think it. I needed to change my vocabulary and speak it.
I began to heed my friend’s advice, and my situation changed for the better. After that, when I was asked about my return to college, I spoke in a positive way.
I began to enjoy school. I told myself: “My courses are becoming easier because I have balance now.”  I was not overwhelmed anymore.
I was also productive at work, and I made the time to study and complete my course work on time.
Most of us don’t think about what we’re really saying when we speak about things going on in our life.
We all owe it to ourselves to speak about our lives positively, no matter what the situation.
I have decided that I will not speak words that hinder me, only words that will build me up.
Once a person begins to speak positively, then positive actions will follow. And those positive actions will produce positive results.

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