High Five: Best burger joints in Dallas

SARAH HOWSLEY, Contributor

As a Dallas native, I pride myself in knowing where to find the best burgers in the city. This list contains a variety of nice chains and small, family-owned shops. Here’s my top five burger joints in the area.


JG’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers

12101 Greenville Avenue

Known for: Good burger spot decorated with antiques.

JG’s is nestled between other small shops in an old strip mall. Walking in, you are greeted by old Coca Cola signs and photos of people long gone. Walking around the wooden condiment bar, one can find the counter to make orders. Hanging signs sport old quotes about mothers and deals on certain meals.

Upon ordering, you’re given a small strip of paper with a number that is assigned to your order. Looking around, there’s a small balcony to the right of the counter, but it’s always blocked off. The tables are covered in red checked table clothes made of heavy, yellowing plastic.

The food is announced as ready over a loudspeaker. After adding your desired toppings, get ready to bite into one of the juiciest and high-quality burgers you’ll ever have.

JG’s high quality comes from their ability to stick to the simple things and do it well.


Dugg Burger

7949 Walnut Hill Lane Suite 120

Known for: Delicious burgers assembled before your eyes

Dugg Burger is a no-brainer when it comes to choosing a good burger spot for dinner. Located in the Preston Hollow area, the nightlife around the restaurant is happy and relaxing. With easy access parking right outside the front door and an inviting patio, Dugg Burger is a wonderful place to spend an evening.

Their easy menu has an option for everybody, including salads and alternatives to the normal beef patty. Staff take your order, write it on butcher paper and pass it down. The name comes from the fact that they dig out the inside of their yummy buns to make more room for all the tasty toppings.

Dugg Burger is a nice and simple place to enjoy a burger and catch up with friends.


Shady’s Burgers & Brewhaha

9661 Audelia Road

Known for: A lovely patio and good burgers and shakes.

Shady’s is a family-friendly spot located in the Lake Highlands Plaza. Surrounded by small shops and other local restaurants, the atmosphere is lovely and inviting. The spacious dining room is accompanied by an excellent porch covered by tall trees. Some nights have live music. They also have a large bar in the middle of the open restaurant.

They serve delicious burgers, both signature and custom. Yummy shakes and fries also appear on their menu. Shady’s is a wonderful spot for dinner with the family, and the food doesn’t disappoint.


Grub Burger Bar

4925 Greenville Avenue

Known for: Cute spot with burgers and a bar.

Grub is a chain in Dallas that serves excellent burgers and yummy shakes. Located in Energy Square, the spot receives a lot of attention during lunch hours on business days. They are also a popular spot on the weekends due to the warm atmosphere and good drinks.

With their new patio, they boast an abundant amount of seating. The walls and ceiling are covered in warm woods and aesthetic lights.

Their menu recommends their signature classics like the guacapotle burger and the mac ‘n’ cheeseburger. For dessert options, try the worms and dirt shake or kitchen sink shake. Grub promises not to disappoint and lives up to it; as a fun restaurant with good food, it’s a no brainer.


Haystack Burgers and Barley

6465 E Mockingbird Lane

Known for: Awesome burgers and good drinks.

Haystack is another family-friendly burger spot. With cute wall décor and bright lighting, the aesthetic is sure to make you feel welcome. The large porch is a great spot to eat when the weather is cooler.

Stationed in Hillside Village Shopping Center, Haystack receives attention all week long, whether it’s from customers shopping in nearby stores or families looking for a good dinner spot. Their menu includes many signature burgers such as the barn burner and the avocado ranch burger. They also serve good drinks and alcohol as well. Their fries are good too.

Haystack is a fun spot because of the light and exciting vibe, as well as good eats.