Common Book Poetry Contest

The Common Book committee paired up with Student Media to host a poetry and short story contest around “Spare Parts”, the 2019-20 common book. Due to the campus being closed because of COVID-19, The Et Cetera offered to post this year’s poetry winner since the Poetry Slam event was moved online. This year’s winner is an original piece by an Eastfield student Jade Pena.


with all of my strength, Eternity

By Jade Pena

to the girl who has written herself whole

for everyone but herself


I’ve waited for you to finish your storm

To pelt sun streaks and a prayer out of your clouds


I’ve waited for G-d to re              member you


and not because he is forgetful

but because you are



I want your stain glass pulse

to pick up its shattered            parts


I want you to delve into this piece

and put the wordplay of you back together


purge yourself in this poem


On a Sunday night when the psalms of your church weren’t enough


in your closet

knees bent

on a pile of ribs


have just made their way back to you


no man can keep your entire cage


there is blood in every pen you write with    yet

this page is purer than it has ever been


I want you to live a moment where you have rewritten

your song


but this time do not wait for the crescendo of palms

to surge through your ears

to start loving yourself


do not wait for your words to be on shelves

rewrite yourself and live in that before the ink dries


with all of my strength,


Virtual student art exhibition

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