Staff picks: Quarantini ideas to turn up this week

Illustration by Esmeralda Rodriguez

Editor’s note: Staff picks is a new series that provides readers with suggested shows, movies and other forms of entertainment staff of The Et Cetera recommends people check out while sheltering in place. 

After being stuck inside for the last several weeks, you are probably running out of things to do. You can only do so much deep cleaning or at-home workouts. Sometimes you just need to kick back with your drink of choice, turn on a movie and relax or blast some music and enjoy the weekend to keep some kind of semblance of what day of the week it is. Here are some drink ideas for rewarding yourself for the good behavior you’ve put in this week.

-Hunter Garza

On Mondays, I like to drink a margarita to celebrate Margarita Monday, of course. After finishing whatever class work you have for that day, it’s time to get your ingredients together. You can do either frozen or on the rocks, it’s up to you. My favorite recipe is some Espolón tequila, triple sec, frozen strawberries and fresh lime juice. Blend that all together in a glass rimmed with salt, or my personal favorite, Tajin, and hang out by a window imagining you are at a pool.

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To switch it up, enjoy a nice glass of wine on Tuesday. Make yourself a nice dinner, or have one delivered, and treat yourself. Red, white, pink, whatever you prefer, or you can whip up a batch of frosé. That calls for just two ingredients: frozen strawberries and rosé. Oh, and a blender, but it’s still pretty simple. Tuesday doesn’t have an accompanying drink, so you can make it your own, but I choose wine.

I like to keep it light in the middle of the week to make sure I make it through without a killer hangover. Grab your favorite flavor of White Claw and head outside to enjoy some sun. My personal favorite is watermelon with some Tajín. Another pro-tip of mine is to get the unflavored White Claw and add MiO drops of your choice.

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Thirsty Thursday, anyone? All this warm weather has me wishing I was on a patio sipping a nice frozen cocktail. When I’m feeling like something sweet, I love a good piña colada. While you can definitely buy the pre-made ones, I prefer to make my own so I can control how much of everything is in it. For my favorite piñas, I take some RumHaven coconut rum, or Esponlón, some pineapple juice, coconut cream and ice, then blend and enjoy. Throw on your favorite bikini or trunks, and a wide-brimmed hat to imagine yourself on your favorite sunny beach.

In true Friday fashion, celebrate the end of your week. We’re one week closer to going back to normal again, so hop on a Zoom call and virtually hang out with some friends. Have some Deep Eddy Lemon on hand for when they inevitably want to take shots. It’s also great mixed with some sparkling water. Then make sure you have a six or 12, pack of Martin House Pickle Beer, regular or spicy to sip between shots.

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Tonight, put on your favorite party outfit or your PJs, no judgment here, and stream music from The Bomb Factory every Saturday until May 9. Then grab your usual go-to bar order. For me, it’s a vodka and sprite, or again whip out those trusty Mio drops and add them to virtually any cocktail. I always have tequila on hand, so for me, it’s usually tequila and water with a splash of MiO fruit punch drops.

On Sunday, to anticipate days of non-quarantine to come, pour yourself some mimosas. Easy on the OJ. Buy a bottle or two of some cheap champagne and your juice of choice. Personally, I like a good pineapple-orange juice combo. Whip up a massive breakfast and enjoy the super cheap bottomless mimosas at home. Before long, you’ll be out with friends only getting one glass per carafe, so enjoy this time of having it all to yourself.

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