3 questions with: Jennifer Hudson

Miguel Padilla/The Et cetera

Miguel Padilla/The Et cetera

By Marjory Morales, Reporter

The Et Cetera attended the red carpet premiere of “Winnie Mandela” at the International Faith and Family Film Festival on Aug. 31 at the Omni hotel in Dallas. Reporters had chance to interview one of the lead stars, Jennifer Hudson, who played Winnie
Mandela. We asked what she did to prepare to play the role and asked to share her experience of working with Terrence Howard, who played her husband Nelson Mandela.

Q: What did you have to do to get ready to play Winnie Mandela?
A: I spent four months in South Africa. I just wanted to just be absorbed and be like a sponge there and learn the costumes and their ways, their dispositions, their reactions.

Q: How was it playing with Terrence Howard?
A: Terrence is amazing. He is an awesome actor, and I don’t think I could have had a better Nelson Mandela. He was always right there with me, challenging me, pushing and raising the bar at every chance.

Q: Do you recommend that people to see the movie?
A: Oh definitely.

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